Girls, Beer, Sports

Tuesday 12-2pm EST

Girls, Beer, Sports is a “sportsetainment” podcast hosted by Carrie (showrunner, sports fan and college football aficionado), Leigh (semi-professional softball player, Browns Fan and sports enthusiast), Stacey (tennis correspondent and Twin Peaks super fan who is sometimes disappears into the Black Lodge) and Lauren (Mascot expert, Cubs supporter and general sports ball fan). 

We record live and unedited in lovely Lexington, Kentucky.  Don’t let our location fool you; we cover more than just horse racing and UK basketball! We love to talk about all sports, pop culture topics and whatever else we might find interesting.  Every show each of the hosts drinks a beer and provides a review at the end.  On location recording and special guests pop up so don’t miss an episode!

From the true fanatical fans to the more casual sports viewer we have something for everyone.  Listen to get some good water cooler sports talk, have a few laughs, or find a new favorite brew.  Don’t forget to reach out to us on social media!

Girls, Beer, Sports; a conversation with girls about beer, sports and whatever else cause it’s our show and we do what we want!