A Couple Marks

Wednesday and Friday's 6 - 7am

We are A Couple Marks, we like to look at the world of wrestling through different lenses. Coach is the new fan who just enjoys watching every week. Coach, also enjoys testing Cam and Chris' knowledge in his segments known as "Coach's Corner". Chris is an avid "dirt sheet" follower and predictor. Chris enjoys long term booking and breaking down story lines. Cam loves looking at wrestling through the lens of it being an Athletic Soap Opera. Looking at the booking of wrestlers individually for the long term as well as finding nuance details within the show that grab his attention. All three of us enjoy asking and answering the questions "Why should I buy in?" and "Where is this going to take us as fans?"


This podcast is all about analysis and breakdown of what is good and what could be better. Understand we are fans who enjoy the product at its core and just want it to be great. Most importantly we promote being positive and being able to have intellectual conversations about all things wrestling where all voices can be heard.



23 years old

Baseball player for 14 years

Full time student - Business Major

All sports enthusiast

Life long wrestling fan


56 years old

Management Professional

Football and Baseball coach for 35 years

Old Dominion University Alum

Married 24 years, one son, 23

Military veteran


27 years old

Full time employee and student at Southeastern University

Basketball coach for 10 years


Fan of all sports