Pony Keg Sports

Tuesday 10-12pm EST

Pony Keg Sports is centered around three lifelong friends that love Fantasy Football, NFL, NFL Draft and well, pretty much everything football related. Tom, Tim and Josh are here to bring you the best and most up to date info regarding fantasy football and to help you win that championship! We have a great Fantasy Football Podcast for all to listen to as well as updated rankings and other advice others may be seeking.

Tom Schuldt- Tom is a very active Fantasy Football player and is one of the most successful players out of the three of them. There are many fantasy football platforms out there and Tom plays Daily, PPR, and standard . Tom has over 10 championships on his Fantasy Sports career. Tom goes in depth on every player coming up in the draft and every player available. If you need a great source for rookie players, under the radar players, as well as finding value in established veterans available late in the draft, Tom is your guy. To go along with his great fantasy intuition , Tom enjoys long walks on the beach of Costa Rica and loves riding the Elephants in Africa.

Tim Thomspon- Tim is an MMA connoisseur of sorts. Tim has been actively involved with MMA for over 10+ years in regards to training MMA and covering MMA as a whole. The number of Fantasy football titles range from 1-3 as he will not actually tell us his full number of victories. Tim is also an active Fantasy Baseball player and has a title there as well. Tim has been a part of the team from the beginning and after a short departure, he is back with us again for the long haul. He is also a part of the team at www.mmanews.com and you can check out his articles and interviews with UFC fighters there. While not playing in fantasy sports or watching mma fights, tim is training to become a part of the hockey team that takes part with the goodwill games. Coach Bombay is still waiting for him.

Josh Stephens- Josh is an active fantasy player for football, basketball and baseball. Josh is a 2 time fantasy football champion, but has yet to win the all elusive trophy in his main fantasy football league with his other Pony Keg Sports members. Josh is a real big fan of the NFL Draft and has been there twice with hoping to go more. Josh does extensive research with NFL rookies and tries to capture the talent of the under the radar type of guys. Josh is the Host of the show and he tries even though he is not that great at it.