Pony Keg Sports

Pony Keg Sports is centered around three life long friends that love Fantasy Football, NFL, NFL Draft and well, pretty much everything football related. Tom, Tim and Josh are here to bring you the best and most up to date info regarding fantasy football and to help you win that championship! We have a great Fantasy Football Podcast for all to listen to as well as updated rankings and other advice others may be seeking. 

Check out the Podcast section for positional breakdowns on a week to week basis as the guys discuss some of their top and bottom plays of the week.  If you have a question that you need an answer to, ASK US! We are here for you.  We will get back to you in a couple of hours.  On top of all the fantasy football talk, we have an MMA Podcast as well with interviews from some of the top MMA fighters in the world!

Free info, awesome podcast with great and intelligent individuals, and rankings and more. What else could you be asking for?!?! 


Tom Schuldt

  •  Fantasy Football, Baseball and Basketball player.
  • Huge Colts fan.
  • There are many fantasy football platforms out there and Tom plays Daily, PPR, and standard .
  • Over 10 championships on his Fantasy Sports career.
  • Tom enjoys long walks on the beach of Costa Rica and loves riding the Elephants in Africa.
  • Twitter: @ponykegtom1

Tim Thompson

  • Baseball, Football and Mixed Martial Arts fan. (Loves Conor McGregor)
  • One of the biggest Chicago Bears and Notre Dame fans you will meet.
  • MMA interviewer and writer for MMAnews and MMA Sucka.
  • Has interviewed some of the best up and comers in the sport of MMA as well as some of the most well known MMA fighters and MMA personnel. 
  • While not playing in fantasy sports or watching mma fights, tim is training to become a part of the hockey team that takes part with the goodwill games. Coach Bombay is still waiting for him.
  • Twitter: @FightTalkTim

Josh Stephens

  • Football, Baseball. Basketball and Rugby fan. 
  • Former Seahawks BELIEVER and now a Bucs Fan.
  • Strengths: Evaluates and finds rookie talent late in fantasy football drafts. Examples are Maquess Colston, Michael Thomas, Mathews.
  • 2 Dogs who are essentially kids named Mason and Duke aged 8 and 2.
  • Twitter: @ponykegsports

Shane Preston

  • Football, Baseball, Basketball fan (Detroit/University of Michigan teams)
  • Former prep sports journalist/blogger
  • 12 Fantasy Football Championships – 2 Fantasy Baseball Championships
  • Strengths:  Trades/VERY active on waiver wire.  Specialize at trying to trade for/pick up guys a week or two before they become the new hotness.
  • Identical twin sons (Dominic and Isaac) are almost two years old.  They like football.  Also, I haven’t slept in two years.
  • Above average beard.