Common Sense Sports w/Bill from Long Island

Monday - Friday 2-3pm EST

Bill from Long Island

Common sense was created by a lifelong sports fan Bill from Long Island and as an avid player and watcher of most sports since he was six years old, he has a special gift where he sees sports in a different light where you can see it in a common sense kind of way. Bill from Long Island has run the gamut  of sports and brings it to the radio show every day. From being a former Division I athlete to picking sports games since he was 14 years old, Bill from Long Island has the insight and personality to entertain and educate his audience five days a week. Bill from Long Island started his broadcast career in September 2015 on the Andrew Powell show.  He started as a part-time host but his shows got the highest ratings of the week.

Bill joined The show on a full-time basis December 2015. The three-man team of Andrew Powell, Eric Chiofalo and Bill from Long Island became one of the most popular shows on blog talk radio with an average of 65,000 listeners per week.  The show and its success lasted until December 2016 when Eric needed to focus on his college courses and his budding Broadcast journalism career at the University of North Texas.

While Andrew Powell parlayed his radio success into a sports editorial role for a newspaper in central Pennsylvania. Bill decided to do a special kind of show on his own starting January 2017. He wanted to simplify things and bring common sense to the world of sports in his own special way.  Now in June 2017 common sense makes its way to where he will bring his special gift and talent to everyone in the sports world.  Come get in and learn some sports with some Common Sense from a old pros type of perspective.