The Angry Dandelion Live

Wednesday 8 - 10pm EST Live call in number (917) 720-3038

The Angry Dandelion Show is a gaming and tech show featuring a raucous group of gamers, pc tech enthusiasts, and adult beverage consumers.  We want to sit, drink and talk with everyone about what we are passionate about. We may be the NKOTB now, but we aim to grow not only our show, but our gaming community on Discord. So check us out on Wednesdays, and if you like us, join us!

Personalities and Contats:

Facebook: Sewn2getherWrong
Twitch: Sewn2GetheR
Mixer: Sewn2GetheR
YouTube: Sewn2GetherR
Twitter: @iSewn2GetheR
Facebook: Thumpnloud
Twitch: thumpnloud 
Mixer: ThumpNlouD
Twitter: @thumpnloud
Instagram: thumpnloud
Twitch: SuperKamiGuru02
Mixer: SuperKamiGuru02
YouTube: SuperKamiGuru 02
Twitter: @KamiGuru02
Instagram: SuperKamiGuru02
The Angry Dandelion
Facebook: The Angry Dandelion
Twitter: @AngryDande1ion
YouTube: The Angry Dandelion
Twitch: The Angry Dandelion
Mixer: TheAngryDandelion
Patreon: The Angry Dandelion