8BitBros Live!

Tuesday and Thursday 8-10 pm EST Call in Number (917) 720-3038

Its the 8BitBros Live!

8BitBros is an interactive Live Variety Radio Show about everything. 3 guys shoot the breeze on topics ranging from current events to beer, sports, gaming, comics, etc.

Interacting with the show is a breeze got something you wanna say call in 917-720-3038, you can even join us on video via Skype, put your face to a voice by skyping "the8bitbros".

Our show is video simulcasted to various video networks feel like watching along and interacting via the chat rooms just pick your favorite video platform!

8BitBros streams across these various video platforms:

Video Streams:

8Bit Twitch https://www.twitch.tv/8btbrs

8Bit YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UJYPTK1cjcA

8Bit Periscope https://www.periscope.tv/8btbrs

8Bit Mixer (available over Xbox too!) https://mixer.com/8BitBros

8Bit Facebook Live https://www.facebook.com/8Bitbrs/

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If you're on the go and just want an audio stream to listen to on your phone/computer/tablet or take us in the car we got that covered too!

Audio Stream:

IroniqRadio tune in here: https://bit.ly/2LOcfwM


Cast of Characters:

Host: Webboy (Web)

Co-Host: ThumpNloud (Thump)

Producer/Co-Host: Renderman (Wren)

Still not convinced? Need a sample check out our "Worst of the 8BitBros"