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Stephen Golubieski
The OG of the 8bitbros is a creative startup monger who dreams up and creates world class mobile games and applications for the business and consumer worlds. Nights and weekends he is a beer snob, home brewer, video game junkie, nerd and geek culture enthusiast. As Co-Host and On Air Producer of the live shows Wren drives the preverbal bus and creates the weekly games for the boys and guests to play. Wren is one of those people that finds humor in everything and anything, he isn’t afraid to poke or jab fun at anyone … this includes himself. One thing to know about Wren is he calls it like he sees it and doesn’t pull any punches. An avid life long New York Yankees, Green Bay Packers fan he brings an interesting perspective to the sports conversations. With little to zero knowledge of NASCAR he is in search of the ultimate racing question “Did they turn right yet?”. Find him mostly on twitter @rendermann and gaming on Xbox Live and Sony PSN as @rendermann
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Sean Naylor
Editor in Chief
Lead MLB, NFL, NHL Editor

I have been writing about the NFL since 2012. Now I am the Editor in Chief here at WBLZMedia. I love writing and sharing my opinion about the greatest sport today. My work has been featured on sites like Bleacher Report and Yard Barker. In addition to my articles, you can also catch me on The Rat Pack Sports Show Wednesday and Sunday Nights. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram @NFLWBLZ.

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Mark Wilson
Lead NBA Editor
Mark started his writing journey covering the Brooklyn Nets for Rant Sports then ventured out on his own to start TLS. He's currently the lead NBA writer for WBLZMedia, while also contributing on Fansided and the Inquisitr as an Entertainment/NBA/NFL columnist. His work has been featured on Bleacher Report, Yahoo Sports, Fansided, Fox Sports, Teen Vogue, and more.
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Jon Blayne
Lead Combat Sport Editor
Jon has been writing since June of 2016. It began on the Inscriber Magazine site and grew from there. Now you can view Jon's work on WBLZ. He has had his work on Yahoo. He brings you the truth and nothing but the truth
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Rick O’Donnell
Lead Entertainment Editor
Born, raised and lived in Syracuse, NY my whole life. Sports, movies, music and entertainment are my lifelines.
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Dan McLellan
Lead Fantasy Writer
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Tony Lagotta
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Nick Ficorelli
Credentials, Advertising, Sponsors
I am the Director of Communications, and Co-Lead Editor for WBLZ Media. I am also the host of "The Mad Scientist's Sports Lab", which is on every Saturday Night from 10pm to midnight EST. A direhard Vikings, Mets, Rangers, Knicks and Fighting Irish fan. I am a father of three wonderful children, married to the woman of my dreams.
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Phil Naegely
SEO Manager
Phil Naegely is the SEO guru for WBLZ media. He is currently working on his MBA at New Jersey City University and can be reached at philnaegely@wblzmedia.com
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