Dallas Mavericks: Luka Doncic Needs Help in the Future

Luka Doncic and the Dallas Mavericks lost Game 7 against the Los Angeles Clippers on the road by a final score of 126-111. Dallas lost their last four-out-of-five games in this series and they have a monster offseason ahead.

Luka Doncic plans on signing the max-contract extension this summer for the Dallas Mavericks. He was tremendous for Dallas in this entire series against Los Angeles, but he was worn down at the very end.

In Game 7, Doncic scored 46 points. He shot 56.7 percent from the field. Luka Doncic also grabbed seven rebounds and recorded 14 assists. Throughout this entire series, he averaged 35.7 PPG, 7.9 RPG, 10.3 APG, 0.4 BPG, and 1.3 SPG.

During the regular season, Luka Doncic played in 66 regular season games. He averaged 27.7 PPG, 8.0 RPG, 8.6 APG, 0.5 BPG, and 1.0 SPG.

Doncic is the heartbeat of the Dallas Mavericks. Without him, this team would be an NBA Lottery Team.

Owner Mark Cuban needs to get Luka Doncic some help this offseason. The current supporting cast of Kristaps Porzingis, Tim Hardaway Jr., Jalen Brunson, Josh Richardson, Boban Marjanovic, Dorian Finney-Smith, Maxi Kleber, and others will not cut it. Who should they go after then to help Luka Doncic?

Bradley Beal, SG, Washington Wizards

Bradley Beal will probably want to play with another winning team sooner rather than later. Beal is however loyal to the Washington Wizards organization and likes playing with Russell Westbrook.

However, a pairing of Bradley Beal and Luka Doncic could potentially be unstoppable. Doncic needs another superstar beside him. This would be a fun duo to watch every single night.

Damian Lillard, PG, Portland Trail Blazers

Damian Lillard has been very loyal to the Portland Trail Blazers organization for a very long time. If Lillard doesn’t get the necessary help or potentially Los Angeles Lakers Jason Kidd as his next head coach, he will definitely want out of Portland.

A duo of Damian Lillard and Luka Doncic would completely be nightmarish for other teams. Lillard and Doncic could drop 40 points in their sleep. However, I think Luka Doncic would have no problem passing the basketball to Damian Lillard every single game and taking pressure off himself.

CJ McCollum, SG, Portland Trail Blazers

CJ McCollum of the Portland Trail Blazers maybe also headed into the Portland, Oregon exile this offseason from the franchise. McCollum would maybe a great fit because all he does is shoot the basketball and that’s what Luka Doncic desperately needs.

CJ McCollum is a complete baller and can make clutch shots when he needs to. He was no Damian Lillard though however here as well. Luka Doncic and CJ McCollum would be a very nice combination in the backcourt, but it wouldn’t be as scary as the other two options I just mentioned. It will be interesting to see what happens also.

Who do you think the Dallas Mavericks should get this offseason in order to help out superstar Luka Doncic? Leave a comment below.

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