NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs New England Isn’t Overhyped

The NFL schedule is out and as fans, we were all waiting to see who our respective teams were going to play, including the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and New England Patriots. With an additional week, we get to see one more regular-season game and one less preseason game. Many would like to see only two preseason games in the future. As we all know there is a rotation when the schedules come out.

One year a team will play another division from the opposite conference. With that, they have two road games and two home games. I think it is cool that your team gets to play an AFC division group or an NFC division group. This gives the fans a chance to see all of the teams. It may be a while before you see all of the teams for the opposite conference. Is the week four matchup between Buccaneers and Patriots being overblown?

The reason that this such an enticing matchup is because this will be the first time that Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski will return in a Tampa Bay Buccaneers uniform. On top of that, they are both fresh off a Super Bowl Championship with Tampa Bay. The New England Patriots did not make the playoffs last year. The Patriots finished 7-9 and third in the division. They saw the Buffalo Bills win the division. This game will take place in week four in Foxboro on Sunday night football. This will be a very interesting game to see how the Patriots fans will cheer or boo Brady and Gronkowski. I know that many circled this game on their calendar for both fan bases. Bill Belichick is out to prove that he is the reason that New England built a dynasty. He and Brady won six championships together.

Brady left and head south to Tampa Bay and help the Buccaneers win their second Super Bowl Championship in franchise history. I believe that made Belichick a tad bit jealous that Brady did it without him. This matchup will mostly be focused on those two. I disagree with that I think it should be all the players and coaches. This game will not decide if the Buccaneers or Patriots win their respective divisions. It will affect their overall records. It will be a must-see even if you are not a fan of either team.

Many have been wondering how the fan base in New England will react to Brady’s return. It deserves to be on Sunday night I would not be surprised if they flex it till Monday night. I don’t think they can or will do that but either way, it’s cool that it will be on primetime.

To me, this game is not overblown. This is going to be a must-see because it will be exciting for the NFL. These games come along every few years and it should be great for the game. It will shine on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and New England Patriots it will not just be Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski, and Bill Belichick. This game could decide if either team makes the playoffs I think it could affect the Patriots more than the Buccaneers. I think that both teams will be ready for the other. For sure that fans that do not cheer for New England or Tampa Bay will be tuning in. I am a fan of both teams and I am waiting to see how the Patriots faithful will react.

What your thoughts on this game be overblown? Leave a comment below.

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