NFL Schedule: Top Week One Games in 2021 Season

The NFL schedule for the first week of the 2021 regular season has been released. The rest of the NFL schedule is going to be released at 8 p.m. on NFL Network. This is going to be another wonderful time of year for NFL fans.

This is going to be an exciting 2021 NFL season ahead. Instead of 16 games, it is going to be 17 games played this season. The preseason is only going to be three weeks of games and not four weeks of games.

There will be 16 games in Week 1. A lot of games are on tap to choose from to watch, but there are only a few that will stand out from the rest.

On paper, which three games look like the best for Week 1 of the NFL regular season for 2021?

Cleveland Browns vs Kansas City Chiefs

The Cleveland Browns and the Kansas City Chiefs met in the AFC Divisional Round last season. Cleveland almost beat Kansas City, but fell ultimately short.

Patrick Mahomes got hurt in that football game. He does a lot for them.

Mahomes is the heartbeat of the Kansas City Chiefs. He is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL.

Will the Cleveland Browns defense slow them down with an improved Kansas City Chiefs offensive line? Myles Garrett is one of the best defensive lineman in the NFL. Baker Mayfield is in a prove it season for Cleveland. Kevin Stefanski and Andy Reid are two of the better head coaches in the NFL. This potential AFC Championship Game Preview should go down to the wire.

Game Time: 4:25 p.m. ET CBS, Sunday September 12th.

New York Jets vs Carolina Panthers

Sam Darnold is going to have this game marked on his calendar. This will be the first game that he is no longer in a New York Jets uniform and in a Carolina Panthers uniform. He is going to look to torch Zach Wilson and out duel him.

Carolina could potentially be a sneaky good team this season. New York is going to look to find a new identity under head coach Robert Saleh in the NFL. This could also be a shootout. Carolina’s defense is also better than New York’s.

This game won’t be in the spotlight, but it is a very interesting one to keep an eye on.

Game Time: 1 p.m. ET CBS, Sunday September 12th.

Miami Dolphins vs New England Patriots

With the Buffalo Bills most likely going to finish in first place once again in the AFC East, it is time for these two teams to step it up. The Miami Dolphins might have a better roster in the NFL than the New England Patriots.

Miami under Brian Flores is looking to be a serious threat in the AFC. New England under Bill Belichick is looking to get back to the postseason in the NFL without Tom Brady.

The Dolphins success is all going to be on quarterback Tua Tagovailoa. Miami has an elite defense and also has very good skill players. The Patriots defense should be better and they have a lot of players returning after opting out of last season due to the coronavirus.

New England’s success also relies on Cam Newton. Jacoby Brissett will be Miami’s backup quarterback and Mac Jones will be New England’s back up quarterback. This is going to be an old schooled kind of football game in the NFL.

Game Time: 4:25 p.m. ET on CBS, Sunday September 12th.

Other Games: Dallas Cowboys vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Thursday September 9th), Green Bay Packers vs New Orleans Saints, and Seattle Seahawks vs Indianapolis Colts.

What do you think is going to be the best Week 1 game of the 2021 NFL regular season? Leave a comment below.

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