Chicago Bears: Three Reasons Why Drafting Justin Fields Was Wise

The Chicago Bears sent shock waves through the NFL Draft universe in round one when they traded a haul to move up and draft Ohio State Quarterback Justin Fields. There was mixed reaction in the Chicago fan base, some doom and gloom and others hope and promise. One thing is for sure though, there is a new Bears quarterback. There are so many guys that come into the league with all the skills in the world and fail. Justin Fields is primed not to. So with that being said here are three reasons why he will work out in Chicago.

He’s a Pocket Passer First

This is one that is a bit interesting looking at the direction the league is headed as far as quarterback play. There are more and more QBs that are making highlights by busting out long runs or rushing touchdowns than ever before. The good thing about Justin Fields is with the speed he’s clocked at he will be the second-fastest in the league behind Baltimore Ravens QB Lamar Jackson.

According to draft experts at CBS Sports, he is actually a pocket passer first and a runner second. This is important because it means he can go through his progressions and can read defenses down the field rather than searching for holes all the time to run. Meaning he is going to be a perfect complement to David Montgomery in the Chicago Bears rushing attack and a best friend to Allen Robinson assuming the star receiver is not traded to someone like the Arizona Cardinals before the season starts.

Perfect Combination of Brawn and Brains

Anyone that watches the tape can see that makes plays even despite some mechanical worries and how fast he gets the ball out. What people often do not see is the brain behind the main. Prior to the draft, all NFL QB Prospects are given an aptitude test by a sports psychologist that former NFL QB Mark Sanchez calls Dr. Goldman. Dr. Scott Goldman has been giving this test since 2012 to over 6,500 athletes including current NFL stars Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen.

The test itself basically is a memory test. Sanchez describes the test by saying, “They have a learning efficiency rating on there, so it’s basically [about] acquisition — like how many reps does it take until you get it, until you understand something — and then your recall. Like, once you have it, can you bring it back and use it, right? That’s basically what they’re trying to figure out in that part of this test.”

So how did the future Chicago Bears star do?

It’s important to note that if someone scores a 100 it is a very good thing. Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen who are well regarded in the league scored a 108 on this particular test. Justin Fields? He blew them both out of the water scored the highest score ever, a 130.

Now, this test is not an end-all do-all to judge quarterbacks’ thinking ability and ability to read defenses. But looking at the two QBs that have scored well on it you might be able to use it as a predictor for future success. This score puts him in the top one percent of over 6,500 NFL Athletes since 2012. So it’s not exactly something to scoff at.

This does not mean he is not going to have a learning curve in year one. But it does mean similar to the rock band The Who, he “Won’t Get Fooled Again”.

He is Internally Motivated

This is one of the most underrated attributes that separates the Matt Leinart‘s and Peyton Manning‘s of the world. According to a peer-reviewed academic article out of Harvard University students that are intrinsically motivated “become more likely to attach meaning to their work, explore new topics, and persist in the face of learning challenges.” Basically, it means that Justin Fields is going to be more likely to learn from his mistakes and get better rather than pointing the finger at everyone else. Which is a massive key to success.

When asked about the pressure of possibly being a franchise quarterback Justin Fields told the Chicago Tribune, “I don’t think there’s pressure at all on me because I expect myself to be a franchise quarterback,” he said. “I came from a big program like Ohio State where the fan base is very passionate about their sports. … I expect myself to be a franchise quarterback and one day hopefully a top-five quarterback in this league. That’s what I’m going out to do. I’m going to work every day to reach my goal and reach new heights.”

Sure, of course he is going to say that right?

Let’s follow it up with a quote from Ohio State head coach Ryan Day.

“When you look at Justin, he burns hot on the inside, but you can’t always see it,” Day said. “He’s pretty even-keeled. He doesn’t get real emotional — at least you can’t see it from the outside. He keeps it close to the vest. I know that whether it was when he first got here, coming off the Clemson loss last year, and now going through this whole draft process, you can see he gets motivated quickly. His competitive fire gets lit quickly. I know he’s really anxious to get going here.”

If you notice, I did not mention Chicago Bears general manager Ryan Pace or head coach Matt Nagy in this article. The reason for that is although the situation is important. If you put a guy in a situation and he does not have the proper mindset he will fail. The reason is that if someone is externally motivated they will fall in love more with the name in lights rather than the game itself.

They’ll stop listening to their coaches and they will not show up to practice early. It’s something that’s seen time and time again. Luckily it does not seem that the Chicago Bears will have to worry about it with Justin Fields. I’ll admit I was not big on Fields prior to the draft, I thought he was going to fall to the Bears at 20. This changes my mind about him.

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