Philadelphia Phillies: How Can the Phils Improve On the Fly?

The Philadelphia Phillies are struggling to win games this season and it’s puzzling.

The Fightin’ Phils are not getting ideal production from most of their starting pitching and their bullpen has dealt with some big blows of late.

The Philly offense is not scoring consistently and they need answers in center field.

What can the Philadelphia Phillies do to get back on track?

Let’s check out a few options.

Catch and Release

The Phillies need to consider releasing Matt Moore, Chase Anderson, and/or Vince Velasquez.

Even though money would be owed to them, the Phils can’t keep these guys around if they can’t pitch well.

Spencer Howard may have to get starts for the Phillies sooner rather than later.

Luckily, Aaron Nola, Zack Wheeler, and Zach Eflin have helped keep the Philly rotation afloat so far in 2021.

Dave Dombrowski will have to get creative if he is not allowed to go over the luxury tax this year.

Philly’s best bet at improving the rotation is making a trade with one of the bad teams in the MLB.

Until a trade takes place, the Philadelphia Phillies will need to rely on coaching and hope players step up.

Howard looked good out of the pen, but I’m curious when or if the Phils will be desperate enough to use him in the rotation.

Calling All Buccos

Since the Phils have a history of acquiring players who have cheap contracts, I wonder if they’ll call the Pittsburgh Pirates in an attempt to fill out the active roster.

The Phils could swing a trade for Bryan Reynolds and Tyler Anderson.

That deal would give the Phillies a boost in the outfield and a new rotation piece.

It’s not a magical trade, but it makes sense for Philly. And the Pirates would be wise to listen to a proposed trade.

Reynolds isn’t the permanent solution in center field, but he has played there before and he can hit.

I’m over the Scott Kingery, Roman Quinn, and Adam Haseley experiment.

Mickey Moniak hasn’t impressed me either and if the Phils can trade Odubel Herrera that would be best for all parties. It doesn’t look like Philly wants to play him anymore.

If I’m the Phils, I’d see what the Pirates would want in exchange for Richard Rodriguez. I normally don’t trust R-Rod, but this season he has been lights out for the Bucs.

Rodriguez hasn’t allowed a run in 9.1 innings out of the pen and he’s only given up one hit.

Final Thoughts

Despite it being Dombrowski’s first year in Philly, I expected the Phillies to reach the playoffs for the first time since 2011.

But, this franchise appears cursed and there’s more flaws than Philly fans would like.

Until further notice, I can’t see the Fightin’ Phils making the postseason.

Dombrowski probably is waiting to see what happens this season before going out and making major moves to greatly improve the club.

Next offseason, Philly will shed $26 million from its payroll (not including Andrew McCutchen’s deal, which has a club option).

Owner John Middleton might allow Dombrowski to spend more money to support the team and fix some serious issues before 2022.

Since this is Dombrowski and Sam Fuld’s first season running the Philly front office, when should fans expect the Phils to make the playoffs? When should fans get really angry or impatient?

The Phils might need to rely on its minor leaguers, before they become really aggressive in the near future.

How do you think the Phillies can improve as the 2021 season rolls on? Leave a comment below.

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