Detroit Lions: Top Three Needs in the 2021 NFL Draft

Here we are. That’s right, it’s draft season! I have an unhealthy obsession with the NFL Draft and I am here to share it with you. I already covered my favorite team here so let’s move on from them and keep it in the NFC North with a squad that is somehow even more irrelevant. It’s an organization that makes me feel lucky to be a Minnesota Vikings fan. That’s right, it’s time to get into the oh so many needs of the Detroit Lions.

Need #1: Wide Receiver

If it wasn’t for the colossal dearth of talent on this roster I could have used this position for all three needs. That is how baron the Lions receiving corps is. When you can make an honest argument for former Ravens failure Breshad Perriman being your number one option, you have an enormous problem. Luckily for the Detroit faithful, they were as terrible as they always are last season and hold the 7th overall pick. My initial thought was to wait for a couple wideouts until after this pick but they inexplicably only hold six picks in the entire draft. Apologies to any Lions fans that thought this was the year they finally turned things around. I can’t imagine any supporters of this incompetent franchise still exist with such optimistic notions but I have spent enough time on these internet streets to know you should never underestimate the stupidity of humans. That goes double for anyone who willingly chooses to live in Detroit.

While I like a number of receivers in this draft class, I really don’t value any enough to use the 7th overall pick on. Especially because there is a fair chance six quarterbacks go before them. If my math is correct, and it rarely is, that means the Lions are looking at potentially getting the 3rd best non QB prospect. If a guy like Ja’Marr Chase is there you have to consider pulling the trigger even though I would view it as a reach. That’s the hole they have left themselves in at this position.

Need #2: Defensive End

Outside of the DT position and a couple corners, this defense is a mess. What better way to remedy this debacle than fortifying a nonexistent pass rush. I really think they should take one with their first pick and address their receiver issues later. A guy like Jaelan Phillips from Miami could do just that. The 7th overall pick is too high for him though. If I were a Lions fan, I would hope my GM could find a way to trade down in the first round and amass more draft capital. If this is done properly, they could grab a talent like Phillips and start patching other holes in this sinking ship.

Need #3: Offensive Line

Look, the OL is probably one of the stronger position groups on this shit stain of a roster but with zero receiving options and a new quarterback who has proven he needs help to succeed, it’s a necessary evil. Pair that with a very deep class at said position and you have need number 3. I like taking a small school guy like Quinn Meinerz from Wisconsin-Whitewater. He’s a versatile mauler who can play either guard or center and would give Detroit someone to groom and even start in a pinch this year. He should also be a player you can get without spending an early pick. Maybe use some of those picks from my hypothetical trade down in the first. That last sentence just shows why mock drafts are the dumbest thing we do. No one can predict trades. It’s like trying to fill out a perfect NCAA bracket. It cannot be done. That’s why here at IroniqMedia we go for need instead. We’re smart like that.

It almost seems pointless to write about what could potentially make the Detroit Lions relevant. Even with a perfect draft where they hit on every single pick would not be enough to make this cursed bunch winners. So if you have stuck with me I applaud you and also recommend therapy. They are really doing wonders with mental health these days. Look into it.

Make sure to check back after the draft is completed so you can roast me in the comments on how wrong I was and be sure to keep it right here with IroniqMedia for all of your NFL Draft coverage.

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