Chicago Bears: Top Three Needs in the 2021 NFL Draft

That glorious time of year is upon us yet again. The air smells cleaner, my food tastes better. I even feel a little taller. That’s right, it’s draft season! I have an unhealthy obsession with the NFL Draft and I am here to share my shame with you.

I already covered my favorite team here and the Detroit Lions, so let’s move on and keep it in the NFC North with a look at the Chicago Bears. A team that should be mentioned in the same breath as the Lions. The positive sentiment surrounding this group is propped up by the 85 Ditka team, that old SNL sketch and their delusional fans. The worst of them are always Cubs fans, too. I don’t have any data to back this up that isn’t anecdotal but I’m right and you know it. The Bears are just as inept and pointless as their NFC North-mate Lions and nobody talks about it which frustrates me to no end. Thank God I’m here to make things right. Let’s get into it.

Need #1: Quarterback

The Bears history with this position is Brownsesque. We’ve all seen the shirts and had a good laugh at Cleveland’s expense but the Bears deserve this same sullen treatment. When your best signal caller since 1985 is a pickem between Rex Grossman and Jay Cutler you deserve all the ridicule a man can muster.

Last season, Chicago did the worst thing a franchise can do. They went 8-8. Not good enough to make the playoffs but not bad enough to procure a franchise changing player in the draft. While this brought me immense joy, it does make this a bit more difficult for me to forecast.

The Bears then did the most hilarious thing possible by signing Andy Dalton who is penciled in as their starter for the upcoming season. Nothing in this world made me happier than watching Bears fans talk themselves into the possibility of landing Russell Wilson only to be saddled with the Red Rocket. That bit of schadenfreude kept me satiated for days. It was the most delicious and filling meal I could ever imagine.

The Bears wont be getting a franchise quarterback unless they do something crazy like trade their entire draft to move up into the top 4. They already made this type of move when they landed Khalil Mack and I do not see it happening again. This leaves them with a later round ‘project’ option. Sure, every now and then you hit on a Tom Brady or a Tony Romo but that is about as common as a non brain damaged person thinking Chicago style pizza is a superior pie.

This really feels like the landing spot for Florida Gator quarterback Kyle Trask. The bloated numbers he put up in the sunshine state are perfect for getting a fanbase’s hopes up only to watch him repeatedly kill drives and commit untimely turnovers. A great fit. I really hope this happens.

Need #2: Cornerback

This is a position that the Bears are not especially weak at. However, they do lack that game changing shutdown corner that can really make a difference. Desmond Trufant and Jaylon Johnson are fine but they aren’t making any QBs in this league think twice about testing them.

I would take Jaycee Horn from South Carolina here if he is still available. He’s got good size and speed and would add much needed depth to this secondary. Chicago might need to move up to land him but he would be worth the draft capital. Horn would immediately make this secondary something to worry about for the rest of the NFC North so I hope they don’t do this.

Need #3: Offensive Line

This is another position that has a number of talented players already rostered. Still, with the depth in this draft I think it’s something the Bears need to address. Barring some sort of unforeseen slide of one of the premier guys in the early rounds, Chicago should look to fortify the right side of their line with at least one late round selection. Andy Dalton is more of a punchline than a quarterback. If you are really going to head into the upcoming season with him as your guy you have to do everything in your power to help him.

I really like Spencer Brown from Northern Iowa. He is the type of small school guy with talent that you look for in the later rounds. He may not be an immediate contributor but Brown is the type of player you can groom into a serviceable starter down the road.

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