New England Patriots: Top Three Needs in the 2021 NFL Draft

The New England Patriots are coming into the season not being AFC East Champions or having a playoff appearance. With the draft starting later this week. I believe that Bill Belichick wants to get revenge after seeing Tom Brady win the Super Bowl with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Patriots spent a ton in free agency which they rarely do. They brought back Cam Newton for another year to be the starting quarterback. To me, this is something that they need to look at.

New England also saw fan-favorite Julian Edelman retire after suffering a leg injury in 2020. This is a position that the Patriots have not been in for a long time. On defense they had another retirement happen in cornerback/safety Patrick Chung has also hung his cleats up. We all know that every team has a general manager but Belichick controls who he wants to draft.

Round One Pick 15

This pick I believe will either go one of two ways. First, the New England Patriots stay put and see what player falls to them. I believe that they will either trade with the Atlanta Falcons who pick 4th or the New York Giants who pick at 11th. I see the trade happening with Giants and moving up and taking either Trey Lance out of North Dakota State or Justin Fields out of Ohio State. Lance is probably more of a reality than Fields. He could allow Lance to sit and watch Cam Newton next year so there is a quarterback for the future. New York would get the New England 15th pick and a second-round pick and a third-rounder in the 2022 NFL Draft.

Round Three Pick 96

If they move it and draft Trey Lance, they will have a pick in the second round. They would have a pick earlier in this round but because they videotaped the Cincinnati Bengals that pick has been forfeited as a punishment. If available, they may draft defense. I could see them if he still available Micah Parsons the linebacker out of Penn State. A team could always add depth and he would help at middle linebacker. The one concern with him is his maturity but under Belichick, I do not see that being an issue. This would help the New England Patriots on the defensive side of the ball.

Round Four Pick 120

In this round, the New England Patriots have three picks. I see them taking Benjamin St-Juste the cornerback out of Minnesota. This will help with the subtraction of Patrick Chung. This will also help the defensive secondary. Many of the needs for the Patriots were filled in free agency. I could see Belichick getting and molding players like he always has. St-Juste is the type of cornerback that he likes at around 6’3. They would still have two other picks which they could go either way offense or defense.

In the end, Bill Belichick will find a way to get back to his winning ways. The New England Patriots finished third in the AFC East. The Miami Dolphins and Buffalo Bills have gotten better. Both of those teams also will get better with their draft class. I think the reason that the Patriots were so active in free agency because of what Tom Brady did. They are out to prove that it was Belichick for all their success, not Brady. New England will be back with the free agents and draft picks to look for them to be back in the 2020-21 season.

What do you think the New England Patriots will do in the draft? Leave a comment below.

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