NHL: Five Players That Could Win The MVP

The NHL season has just about a month left of its regular season. Some teams are going to be in the playoffs and others are looking forward to the next season. Just like with every season there will be awards at the end of the season and one of them is the MVP or Hart Trophy winner. Most of the players that are up for MVP are on teams that will be playing in the postseason. Check out five players who could win the MVP this season.

Tampa Bay Lightning Goaltender Andrei Vasilevskiy

He has been one of the best goaltenders in the NHL for the last few years. Vasilevskiy has been one of the major reasons why the Tampa Bay Lightning won the Stanley Cup last year. This year he has been just as good.

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Vasilevskiy was on a nice winning streak over the last two months. He has kept the Lightning in the running for the first seed in the Central Division. They have been battling the Florida Panthers and Carolina Hurricanes and it has been a nice three-team fight for first place. Vasilevskiy could win the Vezina Trophy on top of also winning MVP honors.

Pittsburgh Penguins Center Sidney Crosby

Here is a player that has carried the Penguins all year long. Crosby has had to do this without Evgeni Malkin. Since both of these players have arrived in Pittsburgh, the team has been great. Currently, the Penguins are in third place in the East Division.

They are battling with the Washington Capitals, New York Islanders, and Boston Bruins. Crosby could end up leading this team on a deep playoff run. I know some Pittsburg fans that would love to see him do this. They have been a solid team and this is why he deserves a shot at the MVP.

Colorado Avalanche Center Nathan McKinnon

McKinnon, like Vasilevskiy, has been a stud for his team. He has been a stable for the Avalanche for a long time. Have it not been for the injuries that Colorado suffered in the playoffs last year we could be talking about the Avalanche playing in the Stanley Cup against the Tampa Bay Lightning.

He has been one of the best players this year so far. The Avalanche are on top of the West Division. Have the Las Vegas Golden Knights, Minnesota Wild, and Arizona Coyotes are the next three spots in the division. I could see him being one of three finalists for the MVP.

Edmonton Oilers Center Connor McDavid

McDavid has been a great player since he entered the NHL. At the moment he is the leader for the Art Ross trophy. He has been the one that has led the Oilers. Many of the experts have said he needs some help. Like Crosby, at times he has done this mostly alone.

This year there is an all-Canadian division because of Covid-19 restrictions. Edmonton is currently second behind the Toronto Maple Leafs. They have the Winnipeg Jets and Montreal Canadiens right behind them. McDavid will be in the final three at the end of the year for the MVP.

Chicago Blackhawks Right Wing Patrick Kane

Right now the Blackhawks are on the outside looking in. Kane has been carrying the Blackhawks. Jonathan Toews has been out all season. The Blackhawks are in the midst of probably a rebuild.

Chicago is four points behind the Nashville Predators for the final playoff spot. Chicago also just traded some players to the Florida Panthers so it will be a harder task to get the playoffs now. Kane has been the major reason why the Blackhawks are where they are and this why he should be considered for the MVP at the end of the year.

These five players have been some of the players that have shined this year. Most of the teams are playoff-bound outside of possibly the Chicago Blackhawks. I think that all of them will be the final three that will win the MVP after the season. They have all been great for their teams. It will be exciting to see who wins the MVP at the end of the NHL season.

Who is your pick for the NHL MVP? Leave a comment below.

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