Buffalo Sabres: Are They Among the Worst Teams of All-Time

There have been so many bad teams throughout the history of sports. They cover all sports no matter the league. We are hoping that our team does not make that list. This is not just professional sports some teams are bad in college as well. We have a team recently that could go on that list. That team is in the NHL and that is the Buffalo Sabres.

I was given the assignment to place them on the worst of all-time. The Sabers are in this position because of ownership. The Pegula’s own the Sabers and Buffalo Bills. It is funny that the Bills have such a good season this past year reaching the AFC Championship game loss to the Kansas City Chiefs. The fans of their team have been drug through the mud the past few years.

Oh My

The Buffalo Sabres just broke an 18 game losing streak. Many thought they may never win. The team that they beat to end the streak was the Philadelphia Flyers. It all started with Ralph Krueger who is no longer Buffalo’s head coach. Krueger was a soccer head coach with no hockey experience at all. The people that follow or write about the team said that Krueger would let the players do whatever they wanted to do in practice. That led to the losing streak and it showed in the games that the players were out of sync.

The rumors of the Sabres’ top player Jack Eichel wants out. After what has happened this year that might be an actual event. Buffalo is the last place team in all the NHL. This team is far from getting out of the mess that they are in.

Worst of the Worst

The worst team ever belongs to the Cleveland Spiders. This was a team that played baseball. The year was 1899 and the Spiders finished with a 20-134 record. Where they lost most of their games was the road losing 101. The Spiders also hold the lowest winning streak of all time with just a two-game winning streak.

The Buffalo Sabres are nowhere near as bad as the Spiders. The 1976 Tampa Bay Buccaneers are considered the worst team in NFL history. That year Tampa lost all 14 games and suffered five shutouts in that 14 games losing streak. The streak did not end until after 12 games the next season. They had a 26 game losing streak. You can see the Sabres were close but did not suffer a 26 game losing streak. This has just been another bad year for the Sabres.

The Buffalo Sabres will make the list of worst teams of all time. There have been worst teams than them. For the fans of the Sabers let us hope that the team can find a way never to have such a long losing streak again. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have gone on to win two Super Bowls the most recent one just this past year as they beat the Kansas City Chiefs the same team that beat the Buffalo Bills. It will take some time for the Sabres to get out of the hell they are in.

Where do the Buffalo Sabres rank on the worst teams’ all-time list? Leave a comment below.

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