NFL Draft: Pro Days for Studs Justin Fields and Mac Jones

With Mac Jones and Justin Fields having the same pro day date this week, many teams were forced to choose one or the other and split up their scouting department.  Both pro days had a large group of teams attending to see Alabama and Ohio State players, including the two probable first round quarterback talents.  In this article, I will be summarizing how each of these two players performed at their pro days, and what it means for their draft stock.  

Mac Jones – Alabama Pro Day – Throwing

First off we have the Alabama prospect Mac Jones.  Earlier in the week reports had come out that the San Francisco 49ers could potentially look at drafting him with pick #3.  Not many people bought into this, as he is not the modern QB mold teams have been looking for.  When it came down to his pro day, he realistically proved a lot of narratives about his game right, and some wrong.  

Starting with the overthrows.  He had multiple occasions throughout the session of 65 throws where he either overthrew or just sailed the receivers.  Granted, this goes to contradict the narrative that his arm strength is slightly weak, as he was overthrowing not underthrowing.  However with that said, this goes to prove that his deep accuracy could definitely use some fine tuning.  He did show his capabilities to run RPO and Play-action plays however, as they did have him utilizing those at times and rolling out at others.  He did have a few deep balls that hit however, like this 50 yarder:

His short and medium passes were for the most part accurate with good placement and good spirals.  This was to be expected as he has always been solid in these types of throws, including during his pro day and he will likely lean on them at the NFL level.  He did not really have the speed on his throws and power behind them that some other quarterbacks had this class like Fields and Trey Lance.  However the few passes he did throw in bullet style were on target.

Mac Jones – Physicals 

Mac underwhelmed in most of the physical categories however that is to be expected from a field general type QB.  He came in at 6’2” 217 LBs in terms of his actual body metrics.  He ran a unofficial 40 yard dash in the time range varying from 4.72-4.86 (4.86 according to PFF), a 7.04 three cone, and a 4.39 shuttle.  All of these are average to below average in terms of this class, however like I said that was expected.  He also had a 9’8” broad jump and 32” vertical.  Overall this is not the strength of his game, and that was clear by his performance in these events.

Justin Fields – OSU Pro Day – Throwing

Overall, Fields was actually very accurate during his throwing session at the OSU pro day.  He was capable of throwing short and medium passes with anticipation and on target, which is always a good sight to see.  However his deep ball placement was something to behold, as he could place the ball on a dime down the field, even while moving.  He had a Zach Wilson esc. throw in the session where he rolled out left and then turned and chucked the ball downfield 60-65 yards with great placement.  I will attach the video of this just in case anyone has not seen it.  

He did have a few throws that were misplaced or just not on target. However, realistically he made up for most of them with his next throws.  He was able to layer his throws very well in the deep parts of the field. Also, like I mentioned previously was able to push balls into the receiver’s hands on short passes.  Overall he did everything I needed to see to solidify him as a top prospect in the class, at least in a pro day standpoint.

Justin Fields – Physicals

Fields measured in at 6’2” 227 LBs on his physical traits.  In terms of the events, he ran a 4.44 and 4.45 40 yard dash, which is solid for him, very good for QBs.  He had a hand measurement of 9 ⅛” , wingspan of 74 ⅛”, and individual arm length of 32 4/8”.  He did not participate in any other events aside from the 40 yard dash.  But realistically he did not need to, as this proved enough about him to most scouts that they know what they are getting.  


What did you think of each QBs pro day? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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