USF: A Look Inside the 2021 Spring Football Game

This past Saturday I attended the University of South Florida or USF Bulls Spring training game. It was nice to once again be able to see spring football. Last year we were unable due to Covid-19. I also think the players are enjoying being able to play football during this time of the year. Leading up to the game head coach Jeff Scott has been excited about what he has seen. The players are preparing for the 2021 season last year did not go well. The Bulls only won one game last year. I have seen experts that have already put out way too early predictions on how USF will do this year. Many believe this team is only going to win one game again. From what I saw this past Saturday they will be surprised. This team is young but has players that will surprise you.

I will start with the quarterback position. This was a carousel last year for the USF Bulls. Cade Fortin was a favorite for Coach Scott shortly after the spring football practice started. Fortin started the game off with a bomb. He completed a long pass that got the crowd cheering. For the ones that did not know there are no quarterback sacks in the spring game. The Bulls do not need to lose a possible starting quarterback during a game that does not mean anything. Fortin hooked up with Xavier Weaver for 50 yards. He finished the game 14 for 23 for 254 yards and two touchdowns. To me, if he continues his progression there is no way that he should be the starter when the Bulls open against the North Carolina State Wolfpack. It will be much better than it was in 2020.

The game overall was exciting because of some big plays. I can see the Bulls being a strong team. They will be playing three power five teams this year. Two of them the USF Bulls will get in the first two games. Like I mentioned before they will travel to Raleigh to play the Wolfpack. The home opener will be against in-state rival the Florida Gators. The question I have for them is on the defensive side of the ball. The game had a total of 52 points. The green team won 31-21 over the white team. The green team carried the game mostly. The white team had some moments where they shined. It was cool to see head coach Jeff Scott seeing his entire team. The quarterbacks behind Fortin also have different skill sets. Most of them are dual-threat where they could use their legs to escape the pressure.

These USF Bulls look better because their practices have been going well. During the game, they were showing exciting plays. Those plays were on both sides of the ball. The game was not perfect there were turnovers and sacks. The best part of it they have time to make adjustments to fix those issues. I am not saying the Bulls are going to win 8 games. As a fan and writer, I could see USF winning five to six games and possibly making a bowl appearance. They should win some conference games and I could see them upsetting the BYU Cougars this year. It was fun to be sitting in the stands at Raymond James Stadium this year.

What are your thoughts on how the USF Bulls will do this year? Leave a comment below.

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