NFL Draft: Top QBs Not Named Lawrence or Wilson

With the NFL draft a few weeks away there are some huge moves that are already being made. Most notably, the San Francisco 49ers making a large splash by trading with the Miami Dolphins for pick number three in this year’s upcoming NFL draft. After this trade, there are now some mock drafts coming out that have quarterbacks off the board in the first four picks of this year’s draft. The general consensus after Zach Wilson‘s pro day is that it will be Trevor Lawrence going one and then Wilson going two. The question now becomes, who is the third-best quarterback in this year’s draft. The answer to that depends completely on the offensive scheme that your team wants to run. Let’s break it down using song lyrics.

Mac Jones

The lyric or song that best describes the offense that this prospect will fit into is “Don’t Stand So Close To Me” by The Police. The reason this fits is that Mac Jones is very much your standard pocket passer. He is extremely intelligent with a great work ethic and an awesome internal clock according to the scouting reports. Another thing he does well is lead receivers with his throws in order to create more yards after the catch. One of the downsides to him as a prospect other than his limited experience is that he is not necessarily a threat to run the football. The NFL team that drafts him should be one that is expecting to run more of West Coast offense that relies on more passing than anything else. Not that Jones can’t hand off the football, but he flourishes much more when he is able to sling it. Here’s a video of his highlights below.

Trey Lance

The song that works out best for this particular prospect is a classic from The Clash called “Should I Stay or Should I Go”. The reason that’s the song for Trey Lance is that the scouting reports say he is so raw, a lot of NFL teams will be asking that question in regards to taking a chance on him. “Should I stay” and draft him? “Or should I go” with someone else? There are a lot of positives to Trey Lance like his arm, mobility, speed, deep ball precision, and extremely tough to sack due to his strong build. However he is extremely raw and usually locks on to the primary read and if that isn’t there, he runs. Certain things can be worked out in the NFL and if they are he has a chance to end up really making a lot of noise this year. Check out his highlights below.

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Justin Fields

Last but certainly not least in this list is NFL QB prospect Justin Fields. The song to best describe his game according to the scouting reports is “Run Like Hell” by Pink Floyd. The reason for this is because although similar to the others he has his positives. A few that are outlined in scouting reports are athleticism, quality timing and anticipation, and rhythm, throwing wide receivers open, and having decent speed for a QB. The negatives seem to revolve around one ideal “run first”. Naturally, he has a similar negative to both Mac Jones and Trey Lance that there’s not really a huge sample size to go off of. The main critic is that Fields will “freeze” under heavy pressure and poor pocket awareness. There are some teams that will still try him out and may be able to help him break out of that (looking at you, San Francisco 49ers) in this year’s draft. Meanwhile, check out some of his highlights below.

It’s important to note that these quarterbacks are not listed in any particular order. Each one mentioned has a unique skill set and has the ability to thrive in the right situations for each. Clearly, NFL teams believe so because there are already massive trades that have happened and that are rumored to happen in order to trade to the top half of the top ten to get one of these guys.

Who is the best of this list? Leave a comment below.

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