Buffalo Bills: James Conner Would Be a Legit Option

The Buffalo Bills need a boost in their running game and James Conner could do the trick.

With quarterback Josh Allen being a big factor on the ground, it would be nice to ease the workload on him.

Conner is a runner who can rip off some big runs here and there. He’s not the best back in the NFL, but he’s serviceable.

Devin Singletary is the main back in Buffalo, but he hasn’t impressed anybody yet.

The Bills are a Super Bowl caliber team, but they must keep building.

Here are some reasons why Conner is a good signing.

Veteran Back

The Bills need a veteran back to help Singletary in the running game.

James Conner was a part of the Pittsburgh Steelers for four season and tallied over 2300 yards on 532 carries.

The former Pitt Panther also had 22 TDs on the ground.

Last season, Singletary had two scores on 156 rush attempts and 687 yards.

Allen posted over 420 rush yards and eight touchdowns for the Bills.

Even though Conner has a history of missing games occasionally, Buffalo would be wise to offer him a deal.

Cheap Contract

James Conner should get a small contract no matter where he signs this offseason.

But, there could be a tiny bidding war for the 25-year-old out of Erie, Pa.

Since Conner is still young and since some teams are looking for help in the backfield, that leaves the door open for him to get a two-year deal.

I’m predicting Conner gets a two-year deal worth about $15 million with $7 million guaranteed.

Regardless, Conner should get some offers before NFL free agency is over.

Keep Building the Offense

Josh Allen needs all the help he can get and the Bills seem committed.

We’ve already seen the Bills sign receiver Emmanuel Sanders, which is a nice compliment to Stefon Diggs and Cole Beasley.

But, at the running back spot, Zack Moss and Taiwan Jones don’t turn any heads.

That’s where Conner comes into play, literally.

Conner can generate a big run, but he can punch it in from a yard out.

Pittsburgh found ways to get him the ball in the redzone pretty consistently.

I’m not expecting big games from Conner, but he can use this as a fresh start and leave a positive impact for the red and blue.

Tough AFC East

Buffalo needs to put a stranglehold on the AFC East, especially with Miami getting better.

New England should be a bit more competitive after missing the playoffs for the first time since 2008.

New York is trying to turn another corner after replacing Adam Gase with Robert Saleh at the head coaching spot this offseason.

James Conner adds another well-known, productive player to a Buffalo locker room trying to win more games.

It won’t hurt to add him to the squad and give the offense a slight boost.

The running back market isn’t blowing anybody away. So, why not take a chance on Conner.

Will Buffalo sign James Conner? Leave a comment below.

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