Miami Marlins: Sixto Sanchez Can Lead Fish to Better Years

It’s no secret Sixto Sanchez is a special talent in the MLB. But, can he actually guide the Miami Marlins to better years?

If you watch him pitch, he clearly knows what he’s doing out there and is not intimidated by veteran hitters.

Sixto Sanchez appears polished on the mound and knows how to get guys out.

I understand experts are not hopping on the Marlins bandwagon and declaring them potential World Series or NL East winners. But, some day the Fish will celebrate again.

Let’s break down why Sixto can lead Miami to better years.

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The Right Stuff

Sixto Sanchez is a calm presence on the bump and he can light up the radar gun.

But, he knows how to pitch and control the pace of a ballgame.

Sixto doesn’t need to throw hard in order to strike out batters. He can mix and match his pitches and the 22-year-old locates them really well.

In 2020, we only got a glimpse of his potential. Sanchez has an extremely high ceiling and if he stays healthy, he will be a Cy Young winner and I believe he will toss a no-hitter at some point as well.

Just watch tape of him from last season and you’ll understand the magnitude of Sixto ability to burst onto the scene.

Division Up for Grabs?

If an MLB team has pitching help, they can win championships of all kinds.

In the NL East, I expect the Philadelphia Phillies and Atlanta Braves to battle for the division crown. But, the Washington Nationals, New York Mets, and Miami Marlins all have excellent top-of-the-line starters.

So, if Miami can get the supporting cast to play stable and smart baseball, then Sixto Sanchez and Sandy Alcantara can just focus on being powerful arms and not try to do too much.

Sixto could win 18-20 games this season and have an ERA under 3.

The NL East is the best division, but there isn’t an unbeatable team. Therefore, Miami has at least a small chance to win the NL East if Sanchez and Alcantara pitch to an elite level.

Final Thoughts

The Miami Marlins should be in the hunt for the playoffs this season, but don’t get your hopes up.

Now that we know the MLB season will be 162 games and not a shortened season like last year, the flaws of the Fish should get magnified.

I’m not overly impressed with the Marlins’ bullpen and their lineup doesn’t draw much excitement.

Sixto Sanchez is a strong building block for the Marlins, but will they get him enough of a supporting cast?

Sixto can literally lead the Fish to the playoffs, but you have to wonder if they’ll trade him some time down the road if they don’t compete.

I’m excited to watch Sixto Sanchez play in 2021 and beyond, but hopefully Miami doesn’t wear him out.

Do you believe Sanchez will guide Miami to successful playoff runs down the road? Leave comments below.

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