NFL Free Agency: Five Best Landing Spots for Aaron Jones

The Green Bay Packers have decided not to tag running back Aaron Jones. Jones was a big part of why Green Bay was 13-3 and to the NFC Championship game. Unfortunately, the Packers lost to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who then would go to win the Super Bowl. What I have heard and read Aaron Rodger’s biggest complaint is that he has very few weapons and that is why the thoughts of him leaving the Packers continue to come up. The NFL Draft is about a month away. I am not saying that Jones will not resign with the Packers. The biggest problem that not only Green Bay is having all the teams are having is the salary cap. The salary cap is down because we all know of Covid-19. I am going to now give you the five possible landing spots for Aaron Jones.

Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins have the cap space. Besides the Jacksonville Jaguars and New York Jets they have a lot of money they could spend. This might be one of the spots Jones could consider. He has been playing in the cold and heading to South Florida would not be a bad decision. Jones will also help Tua Tagovailoa in his second year. It will help take the pressure off of Tua. This will give him time to develop more. This would also help keep him from another AFC East team that has the cap space to sign him. They are next on my list.

New York Jets

The Jets have the second-highest cap space available only behind the Jacksonville Jaguars. They also have the second over pick in this year’s NFL Draft. Jones would help Sam Darnold or the new quarterback if the Jets decide to go a different direction. He would be would what Le’Veon Bell was not. If they can sign him and keep him away from the Miami Dolphins. The Jets had struggled on offense and this would be a start or upgrade in moving in the right direction. This will all fall on general manager Joe Douglas. Let’s see what they do.

San Francisco 49ers

Just two years ago the San Francisco 49ers were in the Super Bowl. They lost to the Kansas City Chiefs. One of the biggest reasons is their running game. In that game, the 49ers ran the ball in the first half and had the Chiefs on the edge of losing the game. In the second half, they got away from it and Kansas City came back and won the game. Jones would fill the void that Matt Breida and Tevin Coleman left. This will also help Jimmy Garoppolo who is coming back from injures in 2020. To have a balanced offense a running game is vital.

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Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals are a team that might be the team to watch. They just picked up J.J. Watt as a free agent. Their offense is under the control of a young Kyler Murray. In 2019 Arizona made a trade with the Miami Dolphins to acquire Kenyan Drake. Drake is on a common list that Jones fined himself on as a free agent. Jones would be joining Chase Edmonds in the backfield which would give it a jolt. DeAndre Hopkins is a big weapon in the wide receiver core and Jones would make them a more balanced offense. This could help them win the NFC West.

Chicago Bears

This is a dark horse. This would also upset Green Bay Packers fans for Jones to go to a division rival. Many will say why in the world the Bears would go that route. David Montgomery rushed for 1,508 yards in 2020. He still young and also had 10 touchdowns. Just like with the Cardinals it would help make the backfield better. The big question is who will be handing the ball off because the Bears do not have a quarterback. Nick Foles got hurt and Mitch Trubisky is a free agent. This would help the Bears in the NFC North.

The funny thing is if the Green Bay Packers can clear up some cap space they might be able to resign Aaron Jones. If not one of the five teams listed above could snag him. Jones would help all five of them and make their offenses better. The one that would sting the Packers more if he signs with the Chicago Bears. He probably would be great for the Arizona Cardinals because it would help Kyler Murray. No matter which team he chooses to go to it will be great for Aaron Jones.

What team do you believe will land Aaron Jones in free agency? Leave a comment below.

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