Dallas Cowboys: Dak Prescott Deal Good For Both Sides

Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys have reached an agreement Monday on a long-term extension. Prescott will sign a four-year, $160 million extension to remain the Cowboys signal-caller including a record $126 million guaranteed. The deal also includes a no-trade clause and Prescott can’t be tagged again in the future.

It has been a long time coming for the Cowboys quarterback as both sides have gone back and forth in negotiations for the past two years. Prescott had all the leverage in this situation and didn’t back down from wanting a four-year deal instead of five years.

Four-year deals have become very common for quarterbacks but the Cowboys wanted the fifth year to be able to space out the cap hit. If the team had given in to Prescott two years ago they could have locked him up for about $30 million per year instead. But given the circumstances, both sides still came out on top.

Everyone Wins

Prescott got exactly what he wanted getting top-of-the-market money at the length he wanted. He also gets to remain with the team that drafted him. He is the only quarterback from the 2016 draft class that is still with his original team.

For the Cowboys, they lock up the most important position on the team. This allows the team to focus on the rest of the roster, especially the defense. The Dallas Cowboys ranked 28th in points allowed and 31st in rushing yards allowed.

Salary Cap Concerns

Getting a long-term deal finalized is crucial to helping navigate the salary cap. Especially this year with the cap falling from $198 million to $182.5 million but fans shouldn’t worry about it too much.

Prescott’s cap hit this year is just over $22 million, or 12% of the total cap. That is down from last year when Prescott’s franchise tag took up 15% of the cap. His cap hit will increase by $10 million each of the next two years but this shouldn’t be a big concern. The cap should start to go back up for years to come as the NFL is due for a massive payday from a new television deal.

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There’s another stipulation to soften the cap hit over the years. This is actually a six-year deal with the final two years voided. This allows the Cowboys to add dead money in 2025 and 2026 to help spread out the cap hit. Once again this shouldn’t be a concern with a rising cap each year.

The Cowboys have already restructured deals with Zack Martin, Tyron Smith, and La’el Collins to help free up $17 million for next season.

Public Reaction

Any time a record deal is made, there is an overreaction from the public. Just because Prescott isn’t the best quarterback in the NFL doesn’t mean he shouldn’t get paid. He is a really good quarterback and $40 million a season is a going rate for such players.

Records contracts in the NFL don’t usually last long. In a couple of years, people will forget about this contract when bigger contracts come along. Quarterbacks such as Josh Allen, Lamar Jackson, and maybe Baker Mayfield are next in line. Kyler Murray after that. Prescott may not even be in the top five biggest contracts in a few years.


Part of what makes Dak Prescott worth the contract is his intangibles. A lot of focus is on his abilities on the field but he is undoubtedly the team leader. His presence in the huddle, locker room or meetings should give the rest of the team confidence they can be successful as a group.

On top of all that he is a winner at the NFL level. He has a record of 42-27 through his first five seasons. He has a winning attitude and that translates to wins on the field.

If a deal had not been reached this would have been a colossal failure by the Cowboys. It may have been the biggest mistake by Jerry in his whole tenure as owner, including the firing of Jimmy Johnson. Thankfully for the Cowboys and Prescott, both sides came to an agreement and they can move on.

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