Chicago Bears: Why Russell Wilson Would be Worth Every Penny

Another year, another Chicago Bears need a quarterback piece. Yes, this particular angle has been hit more times than a test your strength booth at the state fair, but this time it is different. Why? Chicago Bears fans actually have some sort of hope for resolving this issue for the next couple of years. That hope’s name? Is Russell Wilson. There are three main reasons why.

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Chicago’s Recent Strength is Defense

This one seems pretty self-explanatory but it has to be hit on in this case. Last season they had an offense that was clearly lacking in many areas. One bright spot was David Montgomery who ran for 1508 yards from scrimmage, 1070 yards rushing, and 10 TDs. Even with that amazing season from Montgomery, the eye test and several other factors would tell you that Chicago’s main strength the past few years has been their defense and not their offense. This works out great for Russell Wilson to take them to the next level. Russell has always led teams to an over .500 record, but the only teams he played on that went deep in the playoffs had one thing in common, great defense. Chicago already has been defensive-centric, adding Russell Wilson will be like lighting a fire at a Dunder Mifflin Warehouse.

Russell Wilson’s Leadership

As previously stated, Russell Wilson in his time with Seattle has always led teams with a record over .500. To put it into perspective, his lowest win total ever was in 2017 with nine wins. It looks like if you have Russ you have a chance, though the coach stayed the same there was a revolving door on the offensive side in Seattle outside of the quarterback. Even with new teammates every year with different strengths and different personalities, Russell Wilson has never stopped winning. According to USA Today in 2019, “He has never missed a game or a regular-season practice, and only missed his first training camp practice on Friday due to a death in the family.” That streak seems to have continued.

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One recent example, according to, came in last year’s second game against the San Francisco 49ers. The Seahawks held a 26-23 lead with 26 seconds left in the game. This is a pretty clear kneeling situation. Instead, he decided to flash his leadership bone once again. Head Coach Pete Carrol was extremely frustrated on the sidelines, and San Francisco’s coaching staff, players, and probably fans at home were extremely surprised. Russell Wilson called a small jet sweep with a push pass to Wide Reciever David Moore. Why was this important? David Moore was sitting at 34 catches. In his extension, if he made 35 he would get a 100,000 dollar bonus. Even before the game began, Russell Wilson had it in the back of his head that Moore was close. So, Russell Wilson called the play, tossed it to Moore, and took care of his Wide Receiver. This shows the type of leader that Chicago would get, an unselfish QB that is always thinking about his teammates.

Wilson Has Been Where the Bears Want To Be

There has only been one season where the Seattle Seahawks have not made the playoffs since Russell Wilson became QB. He has been to the Super Bowl twice and won once. He can help take the Chicago Bears to the next level because of this. Granted the Chicago Bears have reached the playoffs in two of their last three seasons but they have lacked the leader on offense that could get them past the wildcard round. Russell Wilson has only lost twice in the wild card round since 2012. This is the level of experience that he can bring to help Chicago fans stop talking about the 1980s and actually look forward to the upcoming season.

This is all well and good but how close are the Chicago Bears from acquiring Russell Wilson anyway? According to Pro Football Talk, very. The Chicago Bears have been described as “desperate” for a quarterback by some analysts and willing to trade whatever it takes to get there. Russell Wilson told the Seahawks four teams that he would like to go to with Chicago being one of them. All the teams in those four not named the Chicago Bears either already has established quarterbacks or are in cap hell. Pro Football Talk also came out with a report that Chicago’s top priority is to trade for Russell Wilson. So what can you do as Bears fans? Find some four-leaf clovers, get into the confessional if you are Catholic, try to find a rabbit’s foot, sacrifice a goat, do whatever the heck you need to because Russell Wilson becoming a Chicago Bear is a game-changer.

What should the Chicago Bears give up in a trade for Russell Wilson? Leave a comment below.

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