New Orleans Saints: Three Reasons to Bring Russell Wilson to NOLA

With NFL free agency nearing, and trades starting up, there have been questions of Russell Wilson and his potential departure from Seattle.  The Seattle Seahawks have not been listening to his propositions supposedly, which caused him to storm out of a meeting with management.  No-one knows for certain whether or not Seattle will trade him, but he has released the list of teams he would want to go to if he was traded.  This includes the Saints, Bears, Raiders, and Cowboys on the updated list.  It previously mentioned the Dolphins and Jets as well, but that was not confirmed.  

Russell Wilson Introduction

With that said, the Saints should be the first in line if Seattle is looking to move him.  There are a variance of reasons why the Saints should look the way of Russell.  One that I will not mention as one of the three, however is important to note, is the video from the NOLA mayor.  Mayor LaToya Cantrell of New Orleans posted a video to her Twitter this week, letting Russell Wilson and his wife Ciara know that she would welcome them with open arms to the Saints.  

While this is important to note, it is not necessarily directly related to the Saints and why they should trade for Wilson.  So I added it prior to my three reasons just as a bonus of sorts.  With that said, here are my three reasons the Saints should trade for Russell Wilson.

“You either have one, or you’re looking for one”

A quote we generally hear around this time of year is, “You either have one, or you’re looking for one”.  This is in reference to having or looking for an elite quarterback talent.  Regardless of whether or not you have a QB already, if they are not elite, you will be looking to get one who is.  

The Saints currently are in the midst of a potential (likely) retirement from their long term starter Drew Brees as we all know.  The next in line potentially was Taysom Hill, who was fine in his four starts this year, but is getting older and was not really elite by any means.  That leaves Jameis Winston on the back end of the list currently.  As a free agent this offseason, his return is anything but guaranteed, as he could sign elsewhere for more money or a guaranteed long term starting role.  If he were to leave, the Saints would be stuck with one single QB on the roster (provided Drew retires).  

Adding a 32 year old Russell Wilson gives you at least 5-7 years of elite QB play, and buys you more time to find the next long term solution.  Aside from that, it gives you the obvious, an extremely talented and high end QB to try to compete with.  His ability to maneuver out of the pocket and run is something the Saints would love to have, despite their top offensive line.  His ability to scramble would keep defenses on their toes and run a QB spy, which is one less player to deal with in the passing game.

Russell Wilson prevents potential Saints rebuild

Now granted, even if Taysom or Jameis started full time, that does not mean the Saints would go full on rebuild.  However,  having Russ at the helm of almost any team guarantees you will not rebuild anytime soon.  Sean Payton has been going all in with this team for four years now to try and win Drew another Super Bowl, which clearly did not happen.  

Switching out an aging elite QB with a still productive high end elite QB would be the best case scenario for the Saints.  Mickey Loomis has the ability to work out the cap situation, as he has every single time he is confronted with it.  The ability to compete at a high level as a team only comes around once in a while, so continuing it is only the right thing to do. 

As a team who has won the NFC South three years in a row, they should continue to try and do that for as long as possible.  Once the team gets to a point where they cannot compete anymore, players will start getting pushed out the door for cap reasons.  We saw it with Brandin Cooks, Jimmy Graham, Kenny Stills, and many others before.  Personally, I believe the core of the Saints right now is capable of working to a Super Bowl.  They just need someone to drive them to work harder and is capable of making them better.

Scheme Fit

Finally, and probably most importantly, scheme fit.  Pairing Russell Wilson up with Sean Payton would allow Sean to really utilize his creative mind to draw up plays.  Sean has always been one for trick plays and utilizing the running ability of QBs that have it like Taysom Hill.  Giving him someone with a gunslinging arm, mobility, and veteran knowledge of defenses, would be something to witness no doubt.

Someone I think would hugely benefit from the addition of Wilson is Deonte Harris.  His abilities basically entail either end arounds or blowing the top off defenses.  We have seen Russell throw the ball 30-50 or more yards downfield with little to no effort before, and complete it.  With the burning speed of Deonte over the top, as long as Russell came through, that would be an absolutely lethal combination.

Russell Wilson would have to talk to the coaching staff about removing the limitations put in place due to Brees’ lack of arm strength however.  I do not think that would be much of an issue for anyone involved though.  The fans want bigger more flashy plays, the coaches want the ability to stretch out defenses, and Russell wants to keep slinging.  His fit into this offense, behind this top offensive line, with these top weapons, would just end up becoming something to behold.

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Why do you think the Saints should trade for Russell Wilson? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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