NFL: Five Players Who Never Won A Super Bowl

The NFL just finished Super Bowl LV it was a great game. Throughout the history of the NFL, there have been players that were great but never won the Super Bowl. There are many factors on why those players never won the big game. One would be the team that played against was the better team. Two, they never play in the game because their team lost at some point in the playoffs. There are a ton of players that are on this list. Many will say that for certain players that have won the Super Bowl it is unfair to these great players. I am not saying that players that won the Super Bowl are not great. The ones that I am referring to are Trent Dilfer and Brad Johnson winning one-over quarterbacks Dan Marino, Jim Kelly, and Warren Moon.

Barry Sanders

Many NFL fans say that Barry Sanders is the greatest running back in NFL history. I got the honor of watching him. Sanders was the type of running back that would run seven yards back to gain five yards. One of the biggest reasons why Sanders never got to the Super Bowl is the offensive lines that he had were not great. Sanders and the Detroit Lions did play in the 1991 NFC Championship game against the Washington Redskins but never got back to the game before retiring from the game in 1999 after his 1oth year in the league.

Dan Marino

Marino unlike Barry Sanders did make it to the Super Bowl. In his second year in 1984, he and Miami Dolphins played the San Francisco 49ers and Joe Montana. That would be the only Super Bowl he would play in his entire career. Marino would play in two more AFC Championship games losing both the first was 1985 to the New England Patriots way prior to Tom Brady. The other would be in 1992 to Jim Kelly and the Buffalo Bills. Many consider him the greatest quarterback to never win the Super Bowl.

Jim Kelly

Kelly played against Dan Marino. The games that they played against each other were great to see and must watch. Kelly and the Buffalo Bills are one of two teams that have played in four Super Bowls and never won one the other team is the Minnesota Vikings. He led the Bills to the playoffs eight of his 11 years he played in the NFL. Kelly is the only quarterback to lead his team to four consecutive Super Bowls. The closest they came to winning one was against the New York Giants in Super Bowl 25 which they lost 20-19 on a Scott Norwood missed field goal in the closing seconds.

Earl Campbell

Campbell was a power running back playing for the Houston Oilers. During his four years were legendary he missed the Super Bowl in the first two losing in the AFC Championship to the Pittsburg Steelers in 1978 and 79. Campbell was fun to watch he took beatings but also gave them out. Those beatings, most likely shortened his career. He was one of the best running backs to play in the NFL. Campbell was the next power back like Jim Brown

Derrick Thomas

Thomas was one of the most feared defensive players in the NFL. He took the torch from Lawrence Taylor. Thomas finished with 126.5 sacks. He played in only one AFC Championship game losing to Jim Kelly and the Buffalo Bills. His career was cut short because of an automobile accident that paralyzed him and would lead to his death. Thomas made nine consecutive Pro Bowls. He was one of the reasons the Kansas City Chiefs were good in the ’90s.

These five players were a big reason why their respective teams were good. There are many players that belong on this list. These are five that other than one I got to watch play most of their careers. The one exception is Earl Campbell. It would be great if all the great players had won a ring but in certain circumstances, they do not have one. There are current or just players that left the game that can be added to the list.

What players would you have on your list of great players that never won a Super Bowl? Leave a comment below.

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