Colorado Rockies: Is Management Failing Their Fans?

This off-season Colorado Rockies leadership practically bent over to the St. Louis Cardinals by trading franchise star Nolan Arenado and 51 million dollars to the redbirds. Granted, the Cardinals have been after Arenado for a while according to R.J. Anderson at CBS Sports. Arenado was arguably one of the most consistent members of the Rockies and a clear fan favorite. Usually, when teams trade their franchise stars fans can sort of logic it out and some might with the fact they got some prospects in return. However, the question remains, are the Rockies failing their fans by not trying to be competitive right now? The answer is, we will see.

The reason that this is the answer is that the Rockies have so much young and unproven talent on their squad. One example of what is meant by this is the average age of their starting rotation, 26.8. This is the youngest in the NL West and third youngest in the MLB behind Atlanta at 26.04 and Miami at 26.48. With unproven stars on the Colorado Rockies combined with the few veterans that they do have in their projected opening day lineup like Trevor Story and Charlie Blackmon leaves a lot of questions for the Colorado Rockies organization.

The hole that was left by them trading Nolan Arenado is not one that will be filled quickly. However, there is Ryan McMahon who spent a lot of time in a platoon last season under Nolan. McMahon is a player that Rockies fans are hoping learned a little bit from Nolan in order to hopefully salvage this lineup that frankly lost a lot of its intimidation factor.

It seems that the Colorado Rockies are starting to try to take the Pittsburgh Pirates’ approach to baseball operations. Fill the team with hopefully young talent that you can pay pennies on the dollar and pray there’s somewhere there that can reach the fans. Putting butts in seats may come easier to the Rockies this season due to the pandemic. Fans will be itching to come back to the ballpark even at a lesser capacity and COVID-19 restrictions. Unfortunately, unless they start winning the interest in the Rockies could drop significantly.

Of course, there is the chance that a few of these prospects could pan out in the next two years and turn Colorado into a winning baseball team. Though this isn’t really something to lean on if you are a Rockies fan. There is a reason that stars are stars because it does not happen too often that someone comes up hot and remains hot. A prospect that fans can keep their eye on, however, is Ryan Vilade who hit for .303/.367/.466 with 49 extra-base hits in 587 plate appearances in the 2019 minor league seasons. In addition to this, the higher altitude will definitely help players that have a lot of pop in their bat when playing at Coors Field.

So to answer the original question posted. The Rockies are currently failing their fans by trading Arenado and a large sum of money and by letting fan-favorite David Dahl walk. Though it could be a lot of butthurt for now and then some of these prospects heat up and the Rockies turn into a team like the 2015 World Series Champion Kansas City Royals. Only time will tell, though if I were a Rockies fan I would not have high hopes for the next few years. Also, if they’re willing to pay teams to take stars, one probably should avoid getting any player shirts this season.

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