Philadelphia Eagles: Three Trade Destinations for Zach Ertz

With the Jeremy Fowler report coming out today regarding the possibility of the Philadelphia Eagles exploring options to trade Zach Ertz, many fans are now speculating. 

As one of the top tight ends in the league over the past few years, he will likely have a large trade market if these rumors end up being true.  With that said, regardless of if the Eagles fully intend on trading him or not, I believe there are a few teams who could make irresistible offers for Ertz to where they would have to trade him in a sense.  In this article, I will be going over the three teams I think would be best suited to get Ertz, as well as what they could provide in a trade.

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Arizona Cardinals

More than likely this is the best fit for Ertz, as well as one of the better teams in terms of a return asset.  The Cardinals have struggled with TE play for a little while now, Dan Arnold has brought a little bit of receiving into the mix but not much.  Getting Zach Ertz alongside DeAndre Hopkins and Kyler Murray would be an absolutely lethal combination.  It would give the Cardinals offense another player who can really get up and get the ball, as well as another option for Kyler to keep his eye on when running through progressions.  Both the Eagles and Cardinals run a “foot on the gas” type offense where it is extremely high octane and high flying when working at its best.  This would likely be an easy adjustment for Ertz to make scheme-wise.

In terms of a return value for the Eagles, it could involve someone like Isaiah Simmons, last year’s eighth overall pick.  While he is heavily valued by the Cardinals no doubt, and even if the Eagles had to throw in a mid-round draft pick, this would likely be the bargaining chip.  Simmons had a relatively productive rookie season, putting up the following stat line:

  • 7 games started (16 played total)
  • 1 interception with 12 return yards as well as 2 passes deflected
  • 1 forced fumble and 1 fumble recovery
  • 2 sacks, 3 QB hits, and 4 tackles for loss
  • 54 tackles, 43 solo 11 assisted

Granted, Simmons would be a lot to give up.  If the Eagles were being a little more lenient I am certain they would take someone along the lines of Devon Kennard as well as a pick swap in return.  Sure, it would definitely have to be worked around a bit no doubt, but realistically would be doable.

New England Patriots

Yea yea the Patriots come up in most tight end rumors these days, but for good reason really.  Ever since the departure of Rob Gronkowski, this team has really been lacking at the tight end spot.  Bringing in an elite receiver like Zach Ertz, nevermind a tight end which is a huge position of need, would and should be a priority.  Provided they do not trade away their first-round pick in this deal, this would allow them to potentially target a quarterback early on rather than someone like Kyle Pitts.

In return, the Eagles would likely get a plethora of mid-round picks for the coming years.  The Patriots have a massive stash of picks in the 2nd through 5th rounds, and would likely be able to combine quite a few to get this deal done.  Who knows, maybe even get Carson Wentz along with Ertz and fill two needs in one on both sides.  Since the Eagles are looking to ship Wentz away, maybe the Patriots having a ton of cap space would make them eligible to take his large contract on.

Jacksonville Jaguars

The ultimate team in terms of assets, we have the Jaguars.  This trade would heavily benefit both sides involved.  The Jags would get a solidified receiving option at the tight end position to pair alongside Trevor Lawrence when they end up likely drafting him with the first pick.  This would also give new head coach Urban Meyer a piece to work with on the offense outside of James Robinson and DJ Chark.  This would really speed up the Jaguars’ full-scale offensive rebuild and give them a chance at competing this year rather than further down the road.

In terms of the Eagles return value, we have another team who would primarily use draft capital to sway them.  The Eagles may also be able to sway someone like a Gardner Minshew to be packaged into the deal in case they do not fully trust Jalen Hurts as of yet.  Even Laviska Shenault I would say is on the table possibly, if it gets this deal done for Jacksonville.

The offensive production Zach Ertz would bring to this team would make it extremely hard to contend with.  The versatility of Trevor Lawrence throwing to DJ Chark, Laviska Shenault, Dede Westbrook, and having James Robinson out of the backfield is a pretty fantastic start to an overhaul on that side of the ball.  

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Who do you think the top 3 team fits are for Zach Ertz? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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