Arizona Diamondbacks: Three Prospects To Watch In Spring Training

Here we sit just a few days before Arizona Diamondbacks and the rest of MLBs pitchers and catchers report for Spring Training. Unless you have memorized your team’s entire farm system you are probably lost like me in spring training when they pull the starters. So for fellow Diamondback fans like myself here are just three prospects that deserve your attention this 2021 Cactus League Season.

1. Geraldo Perdomo, SS

According to this prospect is ranked number three in the Diamondbacks system and has been turning heads ever since coming to the league in 2016. During his debut U.S. season, Perdomo climbed three levels when he was only 18 years old. Also in the Arizona Fall League, he has impressed many scouts with skills on both sides of the ball and became one of the must-watch regulars in that circuit. He has a great feel for the position due to his internal clock and has a great blend of speed and long quick strides that gives him the ability to cover ground quickly in many different directions. In addition to his defensive skills, he also is a deadly switch hitter. Many scouts hone in on his ability to employ a mature approach that has earned him more walks than strikeouts in his first three seasons. Arizona Diamondbacks officials expect him to unlock even greater potential as he ascends through the minors. Though there is a chance if he completely shows out and impresses at spring training he may make the opening day roster. Here is a video of him below.

2. Luis Frias, RHP

This player is ranked number eight in MLB.coms rankings in the Diamondbacks system. The reason for it is because he has an excellent combination of command, control, and brute strength. He has a fastball that sits in the mid to high 90s that comes from a lightning-quick arm rotation. In addition to the fastball, he also has a spike curveball that has great vertical action and recently added a split changeup in the 2019 season. He has shown flashes of dominance in his minor league career and was named the organization’s most improved prospect in 2019. In his 2019 campaign, he earned a 2.83 ERA in 76 innings pitched. Diamondbacks officials are looking at him to have long-term starter potential so be sure to keep an eye out this spring training and check out the video below.

3. J.B. Bukauskas, RHP

MLB ranks this pitcher as the number ten prospect in the Arizona Diamondbacks system. He was originally drafted number 15 by the Houston Astros organization and came over in the Zack Greinke trade to Arizona. When he is firing on all cylinders scouts say he has legitimate no-hit stuff. The main deadly weapon in his arsenal is his slider. This pitch combines mid 80s power with a late, sharp bite, that he’s able to morph into an average cutter to mess with the hitters’ mind. The downside to J.B. is that even though he has a deadly changeup he is unable to use it because he often struggles to get ahead in counts. The Diamondbacks believe that there is a lot of raw talent here that can be formed into a regular starting pitcher. They also believe that his 2019 struggles are a result of mechanical and mental inconsistencies that came after an automobile accident that happened in 2019.

Be sure to check these prospects and more out if you end up watching spring training this season. In addition to that, keep these names in mind should the Diamondbacks unfortunately suffer key injuries throughout the year. These may be some players that they call up mid-season.

How do you feel about the prospects listed here for the Arizona Diamondbacks? Leave a comment below.

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