New York Knicks: Why Acquiring Derrick Rose Will Be a Benefit

The New York Knicks already made some splash in the trade acquisitions. They re-acquired Derrick Rose in a trade with the Detroit Pistons. The Knicks gave up Dennis Smith Jr and a 2021 second-round draft pick for the former NBA MVP in 2011.

The trade brought mixed feelings among the Knicks fans and understandably so for various reasons. The concerns among fans are evident. Whether the Knicks are once again going for the quick fix as they’ve done in the past instead of continually developing their young players, and also whether rookie sensation Immanuel Quickley‘s minutes will be reduced with the addition of Rose.

But overall, I believe the Knicks will benefit more from this trade, and here’s why.

1) Knicks Did Not Give Up Much in Trade

Once again the Knicks only gave up DSmith and a 2021 second round. So they didn’t even have to give up a first-round pick. Smith doesn’t have a future with the Knicks and because he’s barely played this season, he got sent to the G-League right before he was shipped to the Motor City. Smith has the talent and he came to the NBA with lots of hype, perhaps potentially becoming the next DRose with his athleticism. But so far, he has underachieved in the NBA and he has done nothing in his last two seasons in New York. Unless if Smith finally finds his potential in Detroit, the Knicks basically got a bargain in DRose, who still provides scoring, which I will get to next.

2) Rose Still Provides Offense

DRose is still a reliable scorer and can still drive to the basket as well as anyone with his speed and athleticism. Yes, he’s no longer the 2011 MVP version of Rose back in his Chicago Bulls days when he averaged over 20 points a game. But he’s still averaging over 14 points a game this season while coming off the bench for the Pistons. The Knicks have improved this season because of their defense, but they are still one of the worst offensive teams in the league. Rose will definitely help in that category and take some pressure off the current Knicks leading scorers in Julius Randle and RJ Barrett.

3) Rose Can Help the Knicks Reach the Playoffs and Make Them a More Attractive Destination

For years, the Knicks have tanked in order to get high draft picks, to acquire young players, and develop them. They have done that and now have a roster full of young players who can play a big part in the Knicks’ future plans. Now it’s time to take the next step and be more competitive. New York is currently 11-15, which is an improvement from last year and is in the playoff race now (currently 9th in the East Conference standings). They’re definitely not a championship contender yet, but making the playoffs would be a big step towards being back to relevancy for this franchise, which has not seen the playoffs since 2013. Look at their crosstown rival Brooklyn Nets a couple of years ago. They became from one of the worst teams to a playoff team in the 2018-2019 season and that got them Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving in that offseason. In order for the Knicks to be an attractive destination again for future free agents, they have to start winning again, and going to the playoffs would be the first step to being competitive again. Rose will improve the Knicks’ playoff chances with his offense.

4) Rose Will Help Develop Immanuel Quickley

The biggest concern with the Rose trade is whether it will affect Quickley’s playing time. Quickley is having a great rookie season and is giving the Knicks hope that he can be the team’s future point guard. But Rose also plays point guard and Elfrid Payton who’s been starting at that position for the Knicks is still around. Plus they still have Austin Rivers. This could create more of a logjam at point guard. However the Knicks are looking to make more trades, perhaps shipping either Payton or Rivers. If that’s the case, then Quickley’s minutes shouldn’t be affected, and he and Rose can play the point guard positions together. ​​​​​​​

Rose can be a good mentor to Quickley and help Immanuel develop his game even more at the point guard position. Any young player with a bright future could always benefit by learning from one of the best in the game. And Rose was once one of the best in the game with his MVP honors. I know Coach Tom Thibodeau is a DRose guy and has coached Derrick back in his Bulls and Minnesota Timberwolves days. But based on how Quickley has impressed, it will be hard-pressed for Thibs to still not give Quickley decent minutes. If the Knicks can trade Payton, then Rose can be the starting point guard and Quickley will still come off the bench. Even if Payton stays, both Rose and Quickley can still come off the bench as backup point guard and shooting guard. Both can play shooting guard with Rose’s scoring prowess and Quickley’s ability to consistently hit shots from three-point land.

So far this week, there’s already some proof that this trade will benefit the Knicks. In Tuesday night’s game against the Miami Heat, Coach Thibs did a good job managing Payton, Rose, and Quickley’s minutes. Payton, Rose, and Quickley played 26, 20, and 21 minutes respectively. Rose and Quickley both came off the bench and both of them were on the floor together for the majority of their time on the court. And Quickley still played in the final minutes of a close game. That was an encouraging sign for Quickley. Also encouraging was on Monday, Rose contacted Quickley and the other Knicks rookie Obi Toppin. Rose gave both of them his contact number, had dinner with them, and already has been giving tips on how to be better basketball players.

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So the fact that Thibs still played Quickley at least 20 minutes in Rose’s Knicks debut and that Derrick is already trying to be a mentor to the two rookies, is already a beneficial sign that this trade will work out well for New York.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

How do you feel about the New York Knicks acquiring Derrick Rose? Leave a comment below.

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