NFL: Cleveland Browns, LA Rams Make Way-Too-Early Preseason Top 5

Super Bowl 55 was just two days ago, but some NFL fans might need to focus on some excitement that 2021 might bring.

Whether it’s the Los Angeles Rams and their offense led by Matthew Stafford or the Buffalo Bills, there are some promising teams next year.

The New York Jets, Detroit Lions, and Philadelphia Eagles are hoping coaching changes spin them in a positive direction.

The Pittsburgh Steelers and New Orleans Saints face big decisions with their respective salary caps.

And are we sleeping on the Carolina Panthers and Los Angeles Chargers at all?

Then, there are teams like the Minnesota Vikings, Tennessee Titans, and Las Vegas Raiders. All three clubs have talent but are limited at the quarterback position.

As of now the Indianapolis Colts and San Francisco 49ers are a QB away from making strides to the Super Bowl contenders list.

Let’s dive into my NFL way-too-early preseason top 5.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Bucs are going to try and defend their Super Bowl title and they have a good chance to do so.

From Tom Brady and Mike Evans to Devin White and Shaq Barrett, Tampa is going to have a very talented squad again next season.

With the Saints dealing with the potential loss of Drew Brees and being forced to shave off some cap money, 2021 seems like a step back for them.

Carolina and Atlanta don’t seem like threats to the Bucs’ pursuit of an NFC South crown.

If the Bucs can re-sign Antonio Brown and Rob Gronkowski or find ways to add to their receiving unit, expect them to be a Super Bowl contender again in ’21.

Kansas City Chiefs

Out of respect for Andy Reid, Patrick Mahomes, and their offense, I put KC at No. 2 on this list.

We saw during the 2020 season how explosive the Chiefs’ offense was with a healthy Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce.

I expect the Chiefs to score a ton of points next year and win the AFC West again.

KC does need to develop a strong running game and make sure they find another playmaker on defense.

The Chiefs had Le’Veon Bell and barely used him, which is extremely odd.

If KC makes the necessary improvements, then they should be contenders for another Lombardi Trophy.

Buffalo Bills

Like the Chiefs, I would prefer if they added another playmaker on defense and gave their running game a boost.

Josh Allen was an NFL MVP candidate this past season and Stefon Diggs looked marvelous.

The Bills should be proud of where they are, but they need that little nudge to be a Super Bowl winner.

I expect even more out of Buffalo next season and they could be a No. 1 seed entering next year’s playoffs.

Los Angeles Rams

We know how good the LA Rams defense was in 2020.

But, now they have a quarterback in Matthew Stafford who is ready to win games and be on a contender after a decade in miserable Detroit.

I would expect more consistency out of their offense, which likes to run the football.

The defense should be a force again in 2021.

It seems like the Seattle Seahawks have hit a ceiling of sorts and the 49ers need a quarterback.

The Rams should win the NFC West next season.

Cleveland Browns

The Browns found their head coach in Kevin Stefanski and Baker Mayfield looked good in the playoffs.

Cleveland found an NFL running game with Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt.

They have a good, young defense that can put pressure on the opposing quarterback.

We can’t forget players like Denzel Ward, Myles Garrett, and Olivier Vernon.

The Browns have a foundation in place and look to win the AFC North in ’21.

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