Chicago Bears: Three Reasons Carson Wentz Would Succeed

Prior to the Super Bowl, multiple sources in the NFL have begun to report that the Chicago Bears and Philadelphia Eagles are close to a deal that would result in Carson Wentz going to Chicago. The question that remains is, is this a good fit for Carson? Is this a good fit for Chicago? What will the Eagles get in return? Is there a chance that Nick Foles could return to the Eagles? All of these are decent questions but if you are a Bears fan there’s only one that truly matters. Can Carson Wentz lead the Bears? Here are three reasons why he can succeed in Chicago.

1. John DeFilippo

Usually, a coach is not the first reason but in this case, it is a factor that must be considered here from the Bears perspective. In 2017, Carson Wentz was a favorite for the NFL MVP and absolutely lighting up the league. One of the guys who were with him day in and day out in practice was none other than current Bears quarterbacks coach John DeFilippo. It is clear from 2017 that DeFilippo gets through to Wentz in a way few other coaches have. Also, thanks to this Wentz comes in knowing the basic concept of the Bears offensive scheme so it may lessen some of the usual growing pains with being on a new team.

2. He is an Upgrade to Mitchell Trubisky

Last season the Bears squeaked into the playoffs at 8-8. There were two things that were made very clear in their playoff game the first is that they did not deserve to be there. The second thing was that Matt Nagy absolutely did not trust Mitch Trubisky. In that win or go home game, they ended up going three and out on five out of ten offensive drives. There were also some third and long calls that made sure all Mitch could do was hand the ball off instead of trying to make a throw. Also according to Fantasy Pros, Carson Wentz outranked Trubisky in almost all important categories in 2020. Even though Mitch played in more games.

3. Wentz Enters With a Chip on his Shoulder

Granted there are not any cool stats to back this up but the reality is if Carson Wentz is a red-blooded American boy like the rest of us he is going to feel cheated by the Eagles. He was benched in early December in favor of the rookie Jalen Hurts. Then reports come out that he and Doug Pederson have disagreements, Pederson gets fired, Wentz feels like he won. Then the owner who he thought was on his side trades him? After being THE guy in Philadelphia? Carson Wentz is going to be looking to make a statement in Chicago.

Although there is some good with Wentz, there is also bad. Granted Bears fans would probably love Deshaun Watson on their team but as of this moment, it seems Houston is unwilling to trade Watson. Wentz could be a very pleasant surprise for Bears fans and the good thing for Wentz? The best QB in recent memory for Bears fans was Jay Cutler, so they will be coming in with low expectations. Unless of course, the trade ends up being two first-rounders and Khalil Mack or something.

How would feel about the Chicago Bears trading for Carson Wentz? Leave a comment below.

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