Atlanta Falcons: Matt Ryan Should Be Traded This Offseason

Well in a thin quarterback market, Atlanta Falcons’ owner Arthur Blank has chosen to commit to Matt Ryan, and stud receiver Julio Jones. So it looks like both players will be back in red and black for at least the 2021 campaign.

But, with so many NFL teams looking for a QB, the Falcons have to be thinking about listening to offers right?

Indianapolis, Chicago, San Francisco, and Minnesota could use an upgrade at the position.

Denver and Washington are not being talked about at all, but both clubs need a signal-caller for next fall.

And we can’t forget about the possibility of Las Vegas and New England being aggressive in the hunt for a quarterback.

I understand it would be hard to see Ryan and Jones depart Hotlanta, but it’s for the best at this point.

Matty Ice will turn 36 years of age in May and Jones has dealt with injuries throughout his career.

2021 is Not So Bright

The Falcons are not going to be a good team in ’21 and with a new head coach in Arthur Smith, that means ’21 could kickstart a rebuild.

Ryan can still play the position, but if a team gives the Falcons an attractive trade offer for him the Falcons should take it even with a cap hit.

You don’t know how many good years Ryan has left and his value on the market probably won’t get any higher than it is right now.

Ask yourself this: who are the best available quarterbacks at this moment?

There’s Deshaun Watson and Carson Wentz.

Dak Prescott will probably re-sign with Dallas long-term and Jimmy Garoppolo isn’t very impressive.

We still don’t know if the New York Jets will keep Sam Darnold for next season. Of course, that would change if they select Ohio State playmaker Justin Fields.

With that said, Atlanta can’t shut the door on a possible trade involving Matt Ryan.

The former Boston College QB probably wants to be on a playoff football team instead of a possible basement dweller.

We’ve seen Detroit send Matthew Stafford to the Los Angeles Rams for a trio of draft picks and Jared Goff. This happened even though LA knew they’d eat over $20 million in dead cap.

Cap Problems?

Yes, the Falcons would suffer a cap hit this year and in 2022 if they got rid of Matt Ryan, but the amount can vary.

If Atlanta trades or releases him after June 1, they would eat about $18 to $23 million.

If the Falcons trade or release Ryan before June 1, they would take about a $44 to $50 million cap hit, and these dollar amounts are just for the 2021 season.

Atlanta would also deal with cap hits of $26.5 million in 2022 if they trade or release Matty Ice after June 1 of this year.

The Falcons would need to get some compensation in a trade centered around Ryan, but the question is who is the best suitor?

I’d probably say the San Francisco 49ers because of the connection to Kyle Shanahan, but Chicago could desperate enough to trade for Ryan.

From Rex Grossman to Mitchell Trubisky, I’d say Bears nation is tired of not having a quarterback they can embrace.

Well, Matt Ryan could be the guy to help them improve next season.

Even though it seems like Atlanta will keep Matt Ryan for next season, there has to be an offer they can’t refuse.

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