IroniqMedia is Hiring Paid Writers – Apply Within

Do you have a passion to write? Have you ever thought of being a writer?

Do you have a favorite Sports team? Would you like to go on a rant about how great or terrible that team is?

Are you a tv/movie buff? Would like to express your true feeling about how you relate to that character or the emotion that movie/show gave you?


What about the latest technology? Pissed off at the new iPhone or crappy WiFi router you just bought? Would like to write a review of that technology?

Hard-Core Gamer? Want to blast the gaming studio for the “worst game ever” or give others a deep dive into the world around you?

Have something you just want to get off your chest? Whether its Politics, the new spring fashions, social issues or whatever is near and dear to you.

Would you like to be paid for your efforts?

If you answered yes to all of these questions then we are looking for you.

IroniqMedia is looking for writers. If you have a passion for getting your point of view out there for others to debate or praise, we are the forum for that passion.

So don’t wait or hem and haw about it contact us and join our journey in the media world.

Go to and fill out the required information and we will be in touch.

This is a fantastic opportunity that you will not want to pass up. If you have a word to say, then follow the above link and join our fantastic team of writers already making a spot in the industry.

We will discuss the pay scale upon us accepting your application and sending you an offer. We hope to hear from you soon.

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