Indianapolis Colts: Dak Prescott Has to Be on Their Radar

There have been plenty of QB talk during this month of January and it continues with Dak Prescott. Should the Indianapolis Colts jump into the mix for Dak’s services?

It’s no secret the Colts have a good team already in place and adding Dak would make them a Super Bowl team next season.

Let’s check out the reasons why the Dak-Colts duo is an ideal pairing.

Catapult to the Top

The Colts need a QB for the future and Dak would be just that.

Indy has a lot of cap space and would be able to handle a Dak Prescott contract.

Dak would make the Colts guaranteed favorites to win the AFC South.

Head coach Frank Reich would finally have a QB to work with for the long-term future.

Indy needs a veteran QB to help them win now, especially since they have a good o-line and some pleasant weapons on offense.

Michael Pittman and Jonathan Taylor played well during their rookie season and give the Colts offense some upside heading into the next few seasons.

Questions in Big D

The Dallas Cowboys need to play more consistent defense next season and who knows if they’ll try to move Ezekiel Elliott and his contract.

Dallas just has too many issues and it doesn’t look like Mike McCarthy is the right head coach for them.

It would be easy for Dak Prescott to look the other way and move on to another NFL team for a fresh start.

Instead of drafting a player for their defense in the first round of the 2020 draft, the Cowboys selected CeeDee Lamb out of Oklahoma.

It wasn’t necessary, but Jerry Jones and the Cowboys enjoy making flashy moves one way or another.

Yes, we have to wait and see how healthy Dak will be before next season begins.

But, there will be a bidding war for Prescott. You would have to think so right?

Better Options?

Who else could the Colts get to play quarterback in 2021?

Jimmy Garoppolo wasn’t very impressive in San Francisco.

Detroit’s Matthew Stafford can still play good football, but he’s 32 and will be a free agent in two years.

It’s possible the New York Jets will trade Sam Darnold, but he shouldn’t be the Colts’ first choice.

If Indy decides to draft a QB, they may have to wait a while for strong results. The problem is the Colts need someone to guide them to victory now and if they struggle to win titles or make deep playoff runs, then Reich’s future in Indy might be in question.

Mitchell Trubisky, Jared Goff, and Carson Wentz could be on the Colts’ radar, but the trio didn’t have glowing reviews in 2020.

Then, there’s Jameis Winston.

The 27-year-old played sparingly for New Orleans this past season, but I wonder how effective Winston will be next season whether he returns to the Saints or not.

Indy could call the Green Bay Packers about a possible trade for Aaron Rodgers, but it seems unlikely.

If the Packers ship Rodgers out of town, they would be putting themselves under a ton of pressure, and Jordan Love would have to be ready to play well immediately.

And don’t tell me the Colts should go after Kirk Cousins. He is definitely not the answer for Indy.

Dak Prescott and the Indianapolis Colts would be a great pairing and it makes Indy one of the Super Bowl favorites next season.

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