Fan Controlled Football: A Peek Inside This New Interactive League

New football leagues pop up all the time. Most recently we have seen leagues such as the Alliance of American Football (AAF) and Extreme Football League (XFL). The XFL was becoming successful until the arrival of Covid-19. In late December, there was the announcement of a new indoor football league to try its hand. It will call itself the FCFL, Fan Controlled Football League. It is a league created by Project Franchise. Let us take a look at this unique league and predict if it will succeed.

The FCF is a unique league. It will involve fans to an utmost extent. Fans will get an opportunity to participate in the draft each week. Upon registering with the league, which I have done, you will get a chance to pick some rules that the league will implement. Rules such as review process, playoff seeding, and rewards for the number one seed. This is all after you select your squad.

Another unique rule to Fan Controlled Football is there are no fair weather fans. You must select your squad and stay with them through thick and thin. If you want to abandon ship and select a new team, you must create a new identity. However, upon creating that new identity you will lose any accomplishments that you have earned during the season.

The Season

Speaking of the season. It will consist of six weeks. Four regular season games, one playoff week, and one championship week. A short but hopefully sweet season to open with.


Fan Controlled Football games will be played at a fast pace. Each week there are two games. Each game is only an hour long. They will play 7v7 on a 50-yard indoor field. The arena will be in Duluth, GA, and is said to be set up like a film stage with screens, lights, etc to enhance the viewer’s experience. It will be a lot like the NBA bubble in Orlando, FL. No fans will be in attendance, in person, due to Covid-19.


Glacier Boyz

Owner – Quavo Huncho (Migos), Co-Owner: Richard Sherman (San Francisco 49ers), Co-Owner: Donald De La Haye aka Deestroying


Owner – Bob Menery (Social Media Star), Co-Owner: Trevor May (New York Mets)


Owner – Marshawn Lynch (Former NFL RB), Co-Owner: Miro (Pro Wrestler), Co-Owner: Renee Montgomery (WNBA Star and TMZ Sports Hostess), Co-Owner: Mike Tyson (Professional Boxer)

Wild Aces

Owner – Greg Miller (Kinda Funny), Co-Owner: Austin Ekeler (Los Angeles Chargers)


Some of the FCF rules that are unique to this league are as follows:

  • Fan Interaction – Fans will have the opportunity to participate in the draft, instant replay, and play-calling just to name a few.
  • The second string QB will play every third possession. 
  • No Kicking – This Includes Punting, Kickoffs, FGs, and Extra Points. Extra points will be handled in a 1v1 battle between a WR vs CB. Success from the 5-yard line will result in one point. Success from the 10-yard line will result in 2 pts.
  • Running Clock
  • There will be a real sideline, unlike other indoor football leagues.
  • You can see the complete rule book by clicking here.

The Fan Controlled Football League will begin play on February 13 at the Infinite Energy Arena in Duluth, GA. Also, along with the above-mentioned owners, the league is backed by Chad Johnson (Former NFL WR), Dave Finnocchio (Bleacher Report), Alexis Ohanian (Reddit). It also has signed former NFL QB Johnny Manziel.

Can a league like this have success? It depends on what you expect from it. If you are expecting NFL quality football, then I doubt it will last long. If you are looking for something that is fun, exciting, different and keeps the fan involved, then this just might be a league for you. Get involved and give it a chance and let’s see if it grows after the first year.

Will you watch and be a part of the Fan Controlled Football League? Leave a comment below.

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