New York Mets: What Should They Do With Their GM?

A month after the New York Mets hired Jared Porter to be their new general manager, the team fired him for inappropriate text messages that he constantly sent to a female reporter back in 2016 with the Chicago Cubs.

The question now is, who will the Mets go to as their new GM? The answer came less than 24 hours after Porter’s dismissal.

Mets president of baseball operations Sandy Alderson will currently be the team’s GM for the time being. He was the Mets GM from 2011 to 2018. He formed the roster that brought the Mets to back-to-back playoffs in 2015 and 2016 including the World Series in 2015. That along with his many long experience of working in baseball front offices does make him an attractive choice to replace Porter.

Alderson is a good option for the short term but probably not much in the long term. He had to step down as GM during the 2018 season due to health conditions and with him already being the franchise’s president of baseball operations, it would be too much for him to do double duty work especially in a possible 162 game season if Major League Baseball can start their season on time.

Eventually, the Mets need to hire another hand to be their GM and assist Alderson in player acquisitions. With Spring Training a month away, there’s not a lot of options. The best way for the Mets to go is through their organization like they did last year in their managing search after dismissing Carlos Beltran for his role in the Houston Astros cheating scandal. They went to Luis Rojas as their new manager. Rojas was with the Mets organization for the past 13 years mostly coaching minor league baseball.

Fortunately for the Mets, their front office is loaded with potential replacements as GM. Two names stand out.

One name is Zack Scott who currently is the team’s assistant GM and was one of the finalists for the GM job before the Mets gave it to Porter. Scott previously served as an assistant GM for the Boston Red Sox for 17 seasons. So he has a boatload of experience and has been known to have a sharp analytical mindset.

Another name within the organization is John Ricco. Ricco has been with the organization for many years as well and filled in as the interim GM in 2018 after Alderson had to step down.

Even though neither of them has been a regular GM, they have many years of experience in the front office, being an assistant GM and seeing what the GM does. So both of them could appear ready to fill in the main GM role if needed. Then of course there’s also the famous Theo Epstein, who we certainly know of his prowess as a GM, especially leading the Red Sox and Cubs to their first World Series title in 86 and 108 years respectively.

But right now, it appears that Sandy Alderson will fill in as the Mets GM which is certainly not a bad thing. But in the long run, the Mets will need to hire a separate GM to work with Sandy in the front office. Fortunately, as I mentioned before, the Mets have some nice replacement options, particularly within their own.

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