New York Yankees: Three Reasons DJ LeMahieu Had to Be Re-Signed

The New York Yankees have to fight to keep their championship hopes alive and keeping DJ LeMahieu only helps that cause.

DJ hit 10 homers and drove in 27 runs. He also posted an average of .364 in 2020.

LeMahieu was a stable and productive force in the Yankees’ lineup over the past two seasons.

With there being a lot of questions about the future of the Yanks, it assisted DJ in getting a new deal this offseason from New York.

Here are a few reasons why the Yankees had to keep DJ LeMahieu.

Young Core?

The New York Yankees have young players who have been productive, but how much longer can the Yanks rely on them?

Aaron Judge keeps dealing with injuries and misses time.

Catcher Gary Sanchez had his motor and defense questioned in the past. Last season, Gary had a .147 average and was benched in playoff games.

First baseman Luke Voit is getting $4.7 million in 2021, but then he will be up for arbitration the next three offseasons and will hit the open market in 2025.

Gleyber Torres is in the same boat as Voit, but he is only getting $4 million in 2021.

Who will be a consistent contributor over the next couple of years for the Yanks?

Can we count on Judge, Sanchez, Torres, or Voit to lead New York to a World Series?

The Yanks aren’t trying to spend a lot of money due to the luxury tax and it shows because of how they’ve attacked this winter.

The Yankees recently signed Corey Kluber to a one-year deal worth $11 million to help their rotation.

It’s clear the Yanks want to find bargains in order to improve the club.

Other Options?

There just isn’t a strong second base market in free agency this offseason.

The New York Yankees had to find a way to retain DJ LeMahieu and his bat.

I mean they could have inked Cesar Hernandez since he is a nice player and he would be a younger and cheaper option than DJ.

However, the Yanks were familiar with DJ and he’s clearly a better hitter than Cesar.

Thairo Estrada and Tyler Wade are other second basemen on the Yankees, but they haven’t done enough to overtake LeMahieu obviously.

Compete with AL Top Dogs

The Yankees are not the best team in the AL right now.

If I would make a power rankings list, the Chicago White Sox, Oakland Athletics, and Tampa Bay Rays might be ahead of the Yankees.

Then there are the Houston Astros and Minnesota Twins who will be competitive this season.

The Yankees had to keep pace with the teams I just mentioned and therefore, they had to keep LeMahieu away from some of the AL’s best.

The Yankees have some quality pitchers in their bullpen which include Zack Britton, Adam Ottavino, and Aroldis Chapman.

Gerrit Cole leads a young rotation as Masahiro Tanaka and James Paxton are still free agents.

Can DJ LeMahieu lead the New York Yankees to a World Series?

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