Chicago Bears: Top Five QB Options For 2021 and Beyond

Chicago Bears fans took two losses this past weekend. The first was obviously the 20-9 loss to Drew Brees and the Saints and the second was the announcement that general manager Ryan Pace and head coach Matt Nagy would be returning this upcoming season. Someone who may not be returning is their quarterback Mitchell Trubisky. Judging by the play calling during that playoff game, it is clear that coach Nagy does not trust Trubisky to make plays. Then again? Has he ever. That is another day. For our purposes, this leaves the Bears with a massive question going into the off-season. Who is going to be taking snaps for the Chicago Bears this up-coming season? Luckily there are five options that can help the Bears out some are clearly dreams while others are distinct possibilities.

1. Deshaun Watson This first one is obviously one that is clearly a dream for Bears fans. Reports out of Houston is that Deshaun Watson may ask for a trade. According to Pro Football Network reporter Benjamin Allbright the Texans are explicitly insisting that Watson absolutely will not be traded. Though as NFL fans we have heard some of these cold takes from football leadership before, just ask Josh Rosen. Allbright also mentions that the price for Watson is three first-round picks, three second-round picks and a Pro Bowl-caliber player to consider a deal. It’s early in the off-season but that would be a steep price for the Chicago Bears to pay and then take on Watson’s salary. Though if you want to hope for anything, the price may go down if Watson makes his disdain for the organization known. Even with that, Houston is attempting to completely rebuild without picks in the first and second round this season. So if you are Ryan Pace and you are looking to make this deal. One question you have to ask is, are the Texans honestly going to go into the next season hoping to be compete with a quarterback that does not want to be there?

2. Mac JonesEven as I type this I can overhear pitchforks sharpening in Chicago at the mention of this name for some reason. Looking at the statistics from last year’s title winning season Jones completed 77.4% of his passes at a phenomenal 11.2 yards-per-attempt average with 41 touchdowns, four interceptions and just 10 sacks all season in Alabama’s perfect 13-0 campaign. These stats are great but there are some reasons why he should be available for the Bears all the way down at pick 20. Even though he racked up an impressive 4,500 yards passing, there are more than half of those yards that came after the catch. Also of his 424 pass attempts there were 145 of them that were thrown either at or behind the line of scrimmage which is an issue. Yards after catch can be because of an absolutely well place ball that catches the receivers in stride though not all the time. If the bears prioritize receiving with rushing and then draft Jones, he may flourish in a ground and pound type of offensive where he’s not required to make those tight window throws on a week in and week out basis. In addition to that, drafting a QB would be one of the cheaper options.

3. Jameis WinstonThat’s right, famous Jameis himself. The Chicago Bears could look at him as an option to run their offense this season. Winston is looking to become a free agent this season, and with Taysom Hill already practically in the holster as Drew Brees successor in New Orleans he could be looking to go elsewhere. Last season Winston got Lasik Eye Surgery and sat behind Brees absorbing every bit of knowledge and wisdom from Drew. After a year sitting and practically new eyes the Chicago Bears could probably snag him on a prove it two or three year deal and just slip Nick Foles into the backup QB spot to try it out. Just a few years removed from his 30-30 season, Jameis Winston has to be itching to prove himself as a starter which could be a recipe for success for the Chicago Bears headed into next season.

4. Trey Lance –  After having just one game last season at North Dakota State University, someone that the Bears may be able to snag in round two would be Trey Lance. The scouting report on Trey is that he is a dual threat quarterback that can make off balance throws and throws a really good deep ball. The downside according to scouts is that he locks on the primary read and often times decides to run first when the first read isn’t there. Luckily the right coach would be able to break him of that. Is that right coach Nagy? Bears ownership better hope so or else they just made a tragic mistake.

5. Jalen HurtsLast but certainly not least, the quarterback who seemed to have caught lightning in a barrel late last season and led the Eagles to a huge upset win over the New Orleans Saints. Some reports out of Philadelphia say that the reason Doug Pederson got fired was because him and Jeffrey Lurie, the owner, disagreed on who should start going forward between Carson Wentz and Jalen Hurts. Hurts was Doug’s guy, Doug lost. So where does that leave Hurts? Sure the owner said he considers him an “asset” but if Jalen is not the future why is he taking the backup spot. This one is a little far fetched but hear me out. If Chicago Bears general manager were to offer a third round pick and maybe a player, could that be enough value for them to get Hurts who is still on a rookie contract into their system. If this were to happen, the Bears could have a franchise quarterback for the next while since Hurts already showed he can keep up with today’s game. Only thing that is unclear about Hurts is how he does when there is significant tape on him out there.

If there is one thing that is certain in Chicago, they need a QB and any of these guys could seriously pay dividends for that team that was practically carried by their defense last season.

Who do you feel is the best option at QB for the Chicago Bears? Leave a comment below.

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