Green Bay Packers: Three Keys to Victory Over Los Angeles Rams

With the divisional round of the 2020 NFL playoffs only 1 day away, we look forward to the first game of the 4…Los Angeles Rams @ Green Bay Packers.  The Packers are coming in off a bye week, and have the advantage of playing at Lambeau Field for the duration of the NFC playoffs.  In the past few weeks prior to the playoffs, the Packers have really been amping up and looking like a very well rounded team.  With that said, here are my 3 keys to the Packers getting a victory Saturday, and why they are important.

Get Aaron Jones Involved

In games that Aaron Jones played, the Packers have 2 wins and 2 losses when giving Aaron Jones 10 or less carries.  When they give him more than 10 carries in a game?  They have not lost a game.  This should be extremely telling for the Packers, as his impact during games is absolutely huge.  He also is a huge benefit in the receiving game, as they only have a few receivers they can rely on.  He has had 3 games this year with over 100 rushing yards, and when he goes over 100, he really goes over.  In week 3 he had 168 ground yards, week 13 he had 130, and week 15 he had 145.  

Another thing to note is that Jones very rarely fumbles the ball.  In 201 rushes and 47 receptions this year, he has only fumbled the ball twice, both of which were against non-playoff teams.  He has games where he just absolutely annihilated defenses and runs all over people, and then others where he is underutilized and cannot do much.  Last time the Packers and Rams squared up was in 2018.  Aaron Jones had 12 rushes for 86 yards and a touchdown against the insanely strong front 7 of the Rams.  This should be a sign that they should give him 15+ carries, as he can really do work against this rams defense.

Wide Receivers Outside Davante Adams Need to Step Up  

This one is probably the most interesting one in my opinion.  The reason I bring it up, is Davante Adams will be going up against arguably the best corner in the game right now in Jalen Ramsey.  Jalen had a strong week last week against D.K. Metcalf and Tyler Lockett, only allowing D.K. 3 receptions, which is fantastic for any defensive back.

The Packers will need to find other options from time to time, and let Adams draw coverage.  The Packers will have Allen Lazard and Marquez Valdes-Scantling for this game, and as always have Robert Tonyan for the red-zone.  Aaron Rodgers is going to need to find a way to get the ball into the hands of these other receivers, as it will be crucial to winning this game.  Davante Adams could have a big game, I am not denying that at all.  I just think that getting the other options open for Rodgers will help alot in both winning the game, and keeping Rodgers off the ground.  Having 2 or 3 options to throw to will allow him to get the ball out faster, and take less hits.

The Packers Run Defense Needs to Come Up Big

The final key to this game for the Packers is solely the run defense.  The Rams have shown that their offense is becoming run based again, as Cam Akers is turning into a stud of a running back.  The Packers will need to shut him down quite a bit to have a good chance at winning this game.  The Rams love burning as much clock as possible on every drive, leaving the other team scrambling to return a score.  If the Packers can force them to throw more, this will let them run the offense how they want and not have to be rushing with 2-minute drills.  

It is also important to force passing, as Jared Goff was not that good last week.  He completed 9 of his 19 passes, and relied heavily on the backs of Cam Akers and Robert Woods to do the work.  Forcing him to throw more passes will just increase the chance of attaining a turnover by way of the interception.  Goff is also coming off a thumb surgery 2 weeks ago, so wearing him out will be the name of the game.  If the Packers run defense can hold stout against Cam Akers and Malcolm Brown, then they will have a great chance at taking over this game.

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What do you think the Packers need to do to come out on top? Leave a comment down below and let me know!

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