Chicago Bears: Three Duds in Wild Card Loss to Saints

The Chicago Bears and New Orleans Saints wild card matchup did not go well for the Bears.  Ending in a 21-9 Saints victory, that was 21-3 for most of the second half.  The Bears really struggled in most facets of the game, however, the defense did hold pretty well for the first half.  The game was 7-3 Saints going into the second half, and the Bears received the second-half kickoff, so they had chances to pull this game off.  With that all said, I will be going over the three most important members of the Bears that contributed to this loss.

Matt Nagy – Bears Head Coach

Matt Nagy has not taken enough blame for how he has handled games before, so he will have to now.  Throughout the game he was atrocious at offensive play calling, and really could get nothing going on that side of the ball.  He only let David Montgomery run the ball 12 times, after having 4 back to back games before the playoffs where he looked exceptionally good.  Granted, the Saints front-7 is extremely hard to break down, but find some way to get Montgomery involved, with screens or some other form of play.  Just giving up on him and going straight to Mitchell Trubisky was a horrendous idea.  

Matt Nagy was brought in to be an OFFENSE MINDED COACH.  He was an offensive coordinator for the Kansas City Chiefs before getting called to be the head coach in Chicago.  The Bears organization should be fearing this situation, as he cannot get anything going for this team on offense in big games.  Very little of the blame for this game should go on to Mitchell Trubisky in my opinion, as he is running the plays his coach tells him to.  Realistically, I would say he did a pretty good job for the situations he was put into.  

Anthony Miller – Chicago WR

There are a few reasons I am putting Anthony Miller on here.  One of which being getting himself ejected from the game because he could not resist shoving Chauncey Gardner-Johnson (seen below).

This is not the first occurrence of a Bears receiver getting fed up with CGJ and punching/shoving him.  Javon Wims also did it in week 8 this season when the Bears played the Saints.  Matt Nagy said he went over the issue of CGJ with his WR core this week during practice and told them not to fall for the trap.  Well…Anthony did.  

Anthony really did not have an exceptional game either.  He caught 2 of his 3 targets for 22 yards, and rushed once for 2 yards.  Outside of that, he was expected to be a WR2 for the game, but really produced the numbers of a WR3 or so.  He had a rough game both while playing the game, and while interacting with other players.  Overall, he just should have performed better, or at least not got ejected for something like what happened.

Javon Wims – Bears WR

Finally, we have another wide receiver in Javon Wims.  A player I mentioned before for punching CGJ in the last matchup, however his addition to this list is not due to that.  Firstly, before I mention the obvious, he really had an underperforming game.  He caught 1 of his 4 targets all game. He also never stepped up and made big plays to get this offense some momentum.  Only catching 25% of your targets in a game is also pretty horrendous, especially when they were mostly catchable passes. 

However this was not his biggest or most publicized issue.  He dropped a 40 yard touchdown pass in the endzone, that was placed right in the bread-basket.  Mitchell Trubisky threw an absolute dime to him, right in the chest, over the shoulder and everything, and Wims dropped it.  Would this touchdown have changed the outcome of the game?  Who knows.  Maybe the momentum from that play gets the offense moving more and the Saints defense jumpy.  But man, it looked bad on a team level.  I will leave this article off with the drop. As I see it fitting for how this season ended for the Bears.

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