Los Angeles Rams: Three Studs in Wild Card Upset Victory

Well, that game was not what was expected of either team.  The Los Angeles Rams came out firing on all cylinders against the Seattle Seahawks once Jared Goff came in.  Goff did not have an exceptional game, hence him not being on this list.  A 30-20 victory over the Seahawks was nothing to scoff at, especially since the Seahawks were the 3rd seed in the NFC.  With that said, here are my 3 studs of the night for the Rams, and why they were so impactful.

Aaron Donald – DT

First off, I hope Aaron Donald can recover from whatever his injury may have been Saturday.  That was unfortunate to see later in the game, with him exiting to the locker-room.  With that out of the way, man did he have a great game against the Seahawks.  The Seahawks’ sketchy offensive line got absolutely annihilated by Donald and Co.  This is something most people had accounted for in predictions of this game, yet no-one thought it would be to this extent.  Donald was almost able to move at free will through the line like a hot knife through butter.  His stat line looked like this:

  • 3 total tackles (all solo tackles)
  • 2 sacks
  • 2 tackles for a loss
  • 3 quarterback hits

Unfortunately, his day ended early due to, as I mentioned before, an injury.  After blowing by Mike Iupati and getting into the pocket, he chased down Russell Wilson.  As he was tackling Wilson after he had thrown the ball, Donald pulled Wilson onto his core in a wrapped tackle.  This resulted in Wilson landing on Donald’s right side ribs, and making him slow to get up.  This led to Donald going to the sideline for a bit, and then coming back to the game for a drive or so.  Ultimately after a few more snaps, he ended up going to the locker room with 2 trainers to get testing done I assume.  

As of the time of writing this, Sean McVay has “no update” (per Rams Wire) on the injury or what it means for his future in this season.  For now, though, all we know is he had an absolutely fantastic game this week and drove this team to the next round.

Cam Akers – RB

Another player that absolutely dominated today.  In fact, I seem to remember in my 3 keys for the Rams article that came out Friday, I mentioned Cam Akers and the run game as a big part of their team if they were to win.  I quote myself here:

“As a team, you have a fantastic rookie RB in Cam Akers and another proficient runner in Malcolm Brown.  Use them.  Cam has been fantastic in both the run game and the passing game…The Rams will be relying on him this weekend to give them a shot offensively.”

I will post the link to the article where I said this at the end of this piece. It will be linked to the words “Related Article”, just in case you do not believe me.

Boy did that prediction come to fruition.  Cam had 28 carries for 131 yards and a touchdown today, not to mention his 2 receptions for a whopping 45 yards.  Being able to catch the ball and take it 44 yards downfield in one play was massive for this offense in the long run.  He averaged 4.7 yards per carry, which is a huge amount in a playoff game against a division rival.  Overall, he did a ton of work for this offense, as I expected him to from the beginning.  If he can continue this throughout the playoffs, he could be the piece they have been needing on offense.  

Darious Williams – CB

Yaaaaa, you know why he’s here.  Darious Williams had a 42 yard pick-6 on a fantastic read, watching Russell Wilson’s eyes the whole way.  This is one of the better pick-6’s I have had the privilege of witnessing recently.  The way he got down in front of the receiver (in this case D.K. Metcalf) and snagged the ball out from in front of him was just clean.  If you missed the game, or just did not see that portion of it, here is the play for you.

If you didn’t understand why he’s the 3rd stud before seeing the play, you do now.  He did have a pretty solid game outside of the interception as well.  His full stat line looked as such:

  • 4 total tackles (3 solo, 1 assisted)
  • 1 pass defended
  • 1 interception (42 yards returned, and a touchdown)

This interception really got the ball rolling for the Rams and gave them a huge momentum swing.  It was a fantastic play that put the Rams ahead pretty early in the game.  Overall he had a solid game in coverage, not allowing any huge plays while out on the field.  A great explosive play for him led to his addition to this list, and hopefully, we will see that more often from him down the stretch.

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Which Los Angeles Rams players do you believe were the studs of the game? Leave a comment down below and let me know!

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