Tennessee Titans: Three Keys to Murdering the Ravens

With Sunday a mere hours away, and Wild Card Weekend already started, we look forward to Sunday’s games.  The first game we see on the day is Tennessee Titans Vs. Baltimore Ravens, which has been construed as the most interesting by NFL fans.  Baltimore opens as 3 point favorites for this game, which means this should be a close one.  In this article, I will be going over what the Titans need to do Sunday to turn the tides in their favor.

Get Derrick Henry Moving Again

Obviously this does not apply for week 17, as Derrick Henry had 34 carries for 250 yards and 2 touchdowns.  This is more referring to when the Titans played the Green Bay Packers in week 16.  He had a good game, at least compared to other NFL running backs, but for his standards it was not anything above average.  Being able to get him moving along the field and getting his 100+ yards on the ground per game will be crucial in this matchup.  He has only had 6 games this year under 100 yards rushing, which is absolutely phenomenal for his chances in the playoffs to continue his big games.  He also has 3 games over 200 yards rushing, which is also mind blowing.

Being able to get him running against the Ravens defense will be huge, as their defense is more formidable than some people think.  They were ranked 7th in total defense, which is wayyyyyy above average for an NFL team.  They also ranked 8th in rush defense, which is pretty impressive in itself.  Point being for bringing this all up is that the Titans offense is gonna have it’s work cut out for it on Sunday.  If they can get Derrick moving, that will make Ryan Tannehill’s job easier, as the defense will be more protective of the run and not the pass.

Step up the Titans Defense, Big Time

The Titans defense has really been one of the worst in the NFL this year.  It’s 28th in total defense.  This is largely due in part to their inconsistent pass defense, which has been pretty ugly all season.  If they cannot step up for this game and really bring it to the Ravens, they are going to have to outscore them.  Keep that notion in your head for my next key.  Realistically, this defense just needs to play a fundamentally strong game.  They need to be able to hold Lamar Jackson out of the run game. This would force him to pass early and often.  

If this defense can force Lamar to throw, they may be onto something for this game.  The Ravens need Lamar to have a strong day running to really put games away.  Games where he fumbles a few times or can’t get it going on the ground are normally the teams worst.  The Titans linebackers are going to be the thing to watch for this key.  If they can keep a QB spy back, or  even keep 2 of them in short coverage, that would be best.  This will allow the linebackers to at least attempt to keep Lamar from breaking away.

If all else fails for the Titans, Score, Score, Score

Like I said before, “they are going to have to outscore them”.  If the defense cannot keep up with the Ravens offense, just score as much as possible.  The offense can’t get discouraged if they go down on the scoreboard, they just need to keep playing.  This offense is capable of big plays, we have seen quite a few this year.  They are finding a new weapon now in the WR core with Corey Davis, which will help a ton.  As the #5 pick a few years ago, we are finally getting to see what the Titans had hoped he would become. We have seen 3 games this year where he averaged 20+ yards per catch, which is astounding.  The stat lines looked as such:

  • @ Baltimore (Week 11): 5 receptions for 113 yards and a 71.4% catch rate
  • @ Indianapolis (Week 12): 3 receptions for 70 yards and a 100% catch rate
  • Vs. Detroit (Week 15): 4 receptions for 110 yards and a touchdown (66.7% catch rate)

Both himself and A.J. Brown will be the keys to this offensive production in the air.  Like I mentioned before, Derrick Henry having a big game will also help.  If they need to go all out and just purely focus on getting a stop or two on defense, then scoring off of it, then they should go for that mentality.  


At the end of the day, the Titans just need to outplay the Ravens on one side of the ball, and do it to a high extent.  If they can either keep scoring on most drives, or hold the Ravens from doing so, they will be in great shape.

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