Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Three Keys vs. Washington Football Team

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are getting set for their first playoff game in 13 years. They will travel to the nation’s capital to play the Washington Football Team. Washington won the NFC East and will host a playoff game despite having a losing record. When the Buccaneers brought in Tom Brady that is what all the fans hope would happen that first a playoff appearance and possibly a chance to play in the Super Bowl. Most will look at this game and say that it should be an easy win for Tampa Bay. When it comes to the playoffs no game is easy to win. The Seattle Seahawks had a losing record and hosted a playoff game and beat the New Orleans Saints. Mostly on the back of Marshawn Lynch. I believe that the Buccaneers will be ready to play and play as they have in the last two games.

Tom Brady

Brady is known as the GOAT. He has earned that tag because he plays his best on the big stage. Brady took the New England Patriots to nine Super Bowls winning six of them. It was great news when he decided to leave the Patriots and play for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Tampa Bay is 11-6 and finished second in the NFC South. This year he has thrown or 4,633 yards and 40 touchdowns. He will be a big key on Saturday against Washington. He has only thrown one interception in the last two games and that interception was not his fault. One of the best parts is he is getting more comfortable with Antonio Brown, Chris Godwin, and Mike Evans. Evans may not play due to hyperextension of his knee in Tampa’s last game. Brady will pick apart the weak Washington secondary.

Running Game

The Washington Football team has one of the best defensive lines in the NFL. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will contract that with a running game. This year has been great with Ronald Jones, Leonard Fournette, and LeSean McCoy. If the Bucs offensive line can protect Tom Brady and open holes for the three backs it will be hard for the Football Team to keep them off the scoreboard. I can see Jones having a big game. This will help the passing game that should be explosive. When it comes to playoff football a team has to be able to both run and pass the ball to win and the Buccaneers can do both.

Pressure Alex Smith

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers defense will be without Devin White due to Covid. They will be getting back Shaq Barrett. This team has over 40 sacks on the season just one behind Washington. Alex Smith is not mobile after his near-death leg injury. I can see Todd Bowles dialing up many different blitz’s packages and from different angles. If Smith cannot go through his progressions it will be a long night. There have even been talks about him not playing which then Washington would turn to Taylor Heinicke. If that happens the Bucs will have a field day and cause havoc. If they hit Smith who knows what will happen to his psyche. I am not saying to hurt him but hitting him will throw him and the offense off.

This game will be close if the Washington Football Team can get after Tom Brady. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers offense is a bad matchup. On the flip side, the Washington offense does not have enough weapons to defeat them. The Buccaneers will have to lay an egg with many turnovers and special team mishap to lose. I see Brady and the Buccaneers having a good offense showing and the defense will pressure Alex Smith enough to get the win on Saturday night. Many believe that a team with a non-winning record should not be in the playoffs or better yet hosting a playoff game.

Are these three keys the ones that help the Tampa Bay Buccaneers win over the Washington Football Team? Leave a comment below.

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