NFL: What is the Most Attractive NFL Head Coaching Opening?

In order to answer which of the six NFL openings is the most attractive for a head coach, it is important to figure out what someone would want as a coach. This is the reason that there is a tie of sorts for the most attractive opening in the NFL between the Jacksonville Jaguars and Los Angeles Chargers. Let’s take a look at the Jaguars first, shall we?

Jacksonville Jaguars Pros:

This opening is perfect for a coach that is interested in setting a culture and working from the literal ground up. In Jacksonville, they are a blank slate and currently hold the number one pick in next year’s NFL Draft. In addition to the number one pick, they also hold another first and multiple second-round choices as well. On top of both of those, the Jaguars actually have the most cap space of anyone in the league. So everything at the coach’s disposal to create a competitive roster that goes after the coach’s vision. The Jaguars also have great young pieces like receiver DJ Chark, running back James Robinson, defensive end Josh Allen, and linebacker Myles Jack.

Jacksonville Jaguars Cons:

The biggest con to this particular job is the owner. Though rich, it seems that Jaguars owner has more money than common sense. Even though he has a lot for the future general manager and head coach to work with he insists on having the final say with every single decision relating to team personnel instead of trusting his hiring decisions. A smaller con is that there is no General Manager currently so in addition to learning the team, the head coach has to learn how to work with the GM on the job as well.

Long story short, if you are a coach that wants to build from the ground up and maybe guarantee at least two or three years in the NFL, then the Jaguars are the absolute perfect gig for you. If this isn’t your speed, how about the Los Angeles Chargers?

Los Angeles Chargers Pros:

This team ended the NFL season on a four-game winning streak and currently has a rookie QB that is already breaking records. Roster wise this team has serious playmakers on both sides of the ball like Justin Herbert, defensive end Joey Bosa, receiver Keenan Allen, and safety Derwin James. On top of that, the Chargers play in one of the newest stadiums in the NFL that is located in a city that is all but guaranteed to attract any and all free agents.

Los Angeles Chargers Cons:

Establishing trust as a new head coach is going to be especially difficult going into this situation would be the biggest con to this particular opening. Also as a head coach in the NFL, you sort of have your hands tied as it relates to the draft because of how desperate the need is on the offensive line. The Chargers are also the red-headed stepchild in Los Angeles so get ready for 17 road games unless you win 12 games or more due to the overall bandwagon nature of the city. Lastly, you have to play two games against Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs which is a team that should keep any coach up late at night tossing and turning.

In addition to these two, there are also four other coaching openings in the NFL, it will be interesting to see who ends up where this off-season.

What do you feel is the most attractive NFL job opening for a head coach? Leave a comment below.

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