NFL: Should Urban Meyer Want to Be an NFL Head Coach?

With some NFL teams trying to find their next head coach, some folks might think Urban Meyer will look into filling one of the vacancies.

However, despite rumors suggesting the former Ohio State coach would join an NFL squad like the Jacksonville Jaguars and bring in his own coaching staff, should Meyer want to be in the NFL?

Meyer retired as the Buckeyes’ head coach following the Rose Bowl two years ago.

Health concerns have played a role during Meyer’s career as a head coach and you would think it would be more stressful in an NFL environment.

Here are a few reasons why Meyer should avoid the NFL and reasons why he should join an NFL team.

On the Same Page

If Urban Meyer signs with the Jaguars or Jets, he has to start from the bottom up.

Whether he drafts Trevor Lawrence or Justin Fields, Urban’s new team has a lot of holes to fill and it might be too stressful for him.

At Ohio State and Florida, Meyer was able to build winners consistently and he made it to high-profile bowl games.

Since he was accustomed to winning at the college level, would Meyer be content having a fanbase on his back complaining as he tries to build a playoff team?

It just sounds hard to swallow if I’m a guy in Meyer’s shoes.

Plus, it’s not like the New York crowd will be accepting if Meyer doesn’t succeed in his first two or three seasons.

If Meyer goes to the Los Angeles Chargers, he would get to utilize Justin Herbert and Keenan Allen, but he’s in the AFC West.

That division includes the defending Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes.

Would Meyer want to deal with KC as he tries to help the Bolts be a contender?

Legacy Builder

Urban Meyer clearly has the itch to coach. It’s what he does and if you’re good at something then yeah the itch is going to be there.

For Meyer, he has the opportunity to change the culture in Detroit, New York, etc.

If he can guide a pro football team out of the pits of despair and jolt them into the postseason, then the legacy of Urban Meyer only grows.

Look at some of the newer NFL head coaches who are leading promising teams.

Kliff Kingsbury/Arizona Cardinals

Joe Judge/New York Giants

Brian Flores/Miami Dolphins

Matt Rhule/Carolina Panthers

Flores and Miami could be a playoff team in 2021-22 and so could Kingsbury and the Cards.

Flores and Kingsbury each have a young QB to work with and their respective teams are competitive.

The Giants and Panthers have bright futures ahead of them.

Judge brought a high level of discipline to NY and the G-Men looked ready to play as the 2020 season wore on.

Rhule and the Panthers had impressive quarters, but need to play better throughout the entirety of each game.

You’re telling me Urban Meyer can’t develop a young football team and create his own plan for success?

He could be successful in the NFL, especially if he brings the right supporting cast with him.

Break Out the Money

There was a report that said Urban Meyer wants $12 million to come out of retirement in order to be an NFL coach.

Regardless if he actually wants that much coin or not, he doesn’t deserve that much money since he has never been an NFL HC.

New England’s Bill Belichick got $12 million this season and Seattle’s Pete Carroll is making $11 million.

Meanwhile, Jon Gruden earned $10 million in Las Vegas with New Orleans’ coach Sean Payton getting less than $10 million.

For Meyer to get more cash than the best NFL coaches is just insane.

Yes, there is a demand for promising first-year NFL coaches and coaches who have been successful at the college level. But, can Coach Meyer get a contract that best suits him?

If he has to consume a deal worth about $5 million a year, does he take it? How generous will Urban be during contract negotiations?

Do you believe Urban Meyer should coach in the NFL?

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