NFL: Implementing a Draft Lottery Would Prevent Tanking

The Sunday Night Football game between The Washington Football and The Philadelphia Eagles was a downright embarrassment to the game of football. Washington won the NFC (L)East division by defeating Philadelphia by a final score of 20-14. The Eagles clearly had other plans and as a result, an NFL Draft Lottery must be instituted immediately.

Give The Washington Football Team credit for winning the division and for overcoming adversity throughout the regular season with quarterback Alex Smith and Head Coach Ron Rivera.

Smith completed 22-of-32 passes for 162 yards two touchdowns and two interceptions.

However, The Philadelphia Eagles handed them the football game because they hate The New York Giants more than losing.

New York would have been if Philadelphia won, but they intentionally blew the game away and put in Nate Sudfeld over Jalen Hurts.

Sudfeld completed 5-of-12 passes for 32 yards and one interception. He also rushed for 12 yards on two carries.

Hurts completed 7-of-20 passes for 72 yards and one interception. He also rushed for eight carries on 34 yards rushing and two touchdowns.

Jalen Hurts is the heartbeat of the Philadelphia Eagles. He will most likely be the starting quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles in 2021 since Carson Wentz will most likely be traded.

The Eagles are a joke of an NFL organization and the NFL needs to strip them of the first-round draft picks and fine them.

Tanking can no longer be accepted in the NFL. Tanking is a bad feeling and bad for the game and the integrity of the sport. The Philadelphia Eagles deserved to be ripped by everyone in the NFL and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell needs to do something about it.

The NFL would drive the ratings through the roof if they did a Draft Lottery. It should be effective immediately heading into the 2021 season and for the 2022 NFL Draft and beyond!

The Jacksonville Jaguars currently own the number one pick in the 2021 NFL Draft.

The Philadelphia Eagles went from the ninth pick to the sixth pick with the loss, but they cared more about The New York Giants not making the playoffs rather than that.

Tanking should not be allowed in any sports period. This is why a Draft Lottery needs to happen.

With a Draft Lottery in the NFL, it would make things more fun and it would also potentially create more storylines as well.

Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach Doug Pederson, General Manager Howie Roseman, and Owner Jeffrey Lurie should all be disgusted with the product they have put out on the field. Philadelphia players should want out and not play for those clowns anymore. The Eagles fanbase may be upset, but they are taunting New York Giants fans more than anything and that isn’t right either.

There are two things that I can’t wait for next season:

  1. The NFL institutes an NFL Draft Lottery.
  2. The New York Giants to dismantle and embarrass the Philadelphia Eagles in both games. New York will have this circled on their calendar before the season begins in 2021 and whenever the NFL Schedule comes out.

To the NFL, it is time for you to step up and punish The Philadelphia Eagles and make sure there is an NFL Draft Lottery to make sure this doesn’t happen ever again in the NFL. Philadelphia would have done the same thing if The Dallas Cowboys defeated The New York Giants and there can’t be another Sunday Night Football game in Week 17 with divisional games being separate times as well here.

What did you think of The Philadelphia Eagles tanking the game away against The Washington Football Team so the New York Giants would miss the playoffs? Should there be an NFL Draft Lottery? Leave a comment below.

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