Seattle Seahawks: Are the NFC West Champs a Super Bowl Favorite?

The Seattle Seahawks were on the verge of winning the NFC West once again this season. Seattle just needed a win at home against the Los Angeles Rams. The Seahawks did just that in a 20-9 win at home against Los Angeles.

Seattle didn’t win this game by being pretty. They did it by being gritty and ugly. Their defense stood tall on the goal line a couple of times and stopped them on a fourth-down. They made Jared Goff uncomfortable.

Seattle Seahawks Safety Jamal Adams was thrilled that he was able to get to the playoffs for the first time in his illustrious career. Adams was with the New York Jets (2-13) before the season started.

Russell Wilson completed 20-of-32 passes for 225 yards and one touchdown. He also rushed for nine yards on three carries and a touchdown.

Wilson is the heartbeat of the Seattle Seahawks. He is one of the reasons why Seattle made it back to the playoffs once again this season.

Russell Wilson means everything to this football team. He is probably not going to win the MVP Award this season, but Wilson was playing at an MVP level all season long.

Chris Carson had 16 carries and rushed for 69 yards. He also caught three passes for 10 yards receiving.

D.K. Metcalf caught six passes for 59 yards receiving. He is one of the best wide receivers in the NFL. Metcalf is also one of the reasons why Seattle is heading to the playoffs this season once again. He has improved big time from year one to year two in the NFL.

David Moore caught one pass for 45 yards receiving.

Tyler Lockett caught three passes for 44 yards receiving.

Jacob Hollister caught two passes for 17 yards receiving. He is a very underrated tight end in the NFL. Hollister has not been used often in this offense and he should be used more.

Head Coach Pete Carroll has won his fifth division title in 11 seasons with the Seattle Seahawks. This is going to potentially be a very dangerous team in the NFC Playoffs.

Seattle has a chance to lock up the number one seed next week if they can get some help.

The Green Bay Packers (12-3) could lose to the Chicago Bears (8-7) on Sunday, but it remains to be seen.

It will be interesting to see what happens with Seattle moving forward. Are they now an NFC favorite to go to the Super Bowl?​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​It looked as if the Los Angeles Rams were going to win the division a few weeks ago, but that has now disappeared.

This would be an ultimate choke job by Los Angeles if they missed the playoffs after losing to the lowly New York Jets at home back in Week 15.

The NFC West is one of the most talented divisions in the NFL other than the AFC North. This is going to be very interesting because both of those divisions could theoretically have three teams in the NFL Playoffs this season.

The Los Angeles Rams (9-6) next game will be at home next Sunday against the Arizona Cardinals (8-7).

The Seattle Seahawks (11-4) will be on the road against the San Francisco 49ers (6-9) next Sunday.

What did you think of the Seattle Seahawks taking down the Los Angeles Rams in order to win the NFC West? Leave a comment below.

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